Lucha Fury Review

Player(s): 1 - 4
Extra Features: Local Multiplayer (4 players max), Leaderboards

Lucha Fury is a 2-D side scrolling Mexican brawler that plays similarly to most old-school beat'em up titles. It has a bright and colorful look much like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game and The Simpsons. The game takes place in a world called "Lucha Libre" where all of its inhabitants wear some type of wrestling masks. The game has an overall surreal look with its colorful visuals and anime style appearance.

Lucha Fury has four main characters - Fatal Blaze (the best all around character, normal speed attacks), Daddy Brutal (the heavy hitter, slow attacks), Princess Acky (excels in kick attacks, fast attacks), Hostile (excels in punch attacks, fast attacks). The main cast of Lucha Fury has a good bit of variety like you'll find in a usual brawler. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses based on how they play and the moves that they carry. Each character has unlockable moves that can be equipped as a player progresses through the game. Some of them have extra combos and some of them have extra grabs. Each character has a few unlockable outfits as well.

Lucha Fury screenshot 1

All characters have an exclusive super attack that they can perform once a super gauge has been filled all the way through combo attacks. The game encourages a player to perform combos on groups of enemies without getting hit in between. Perform more combos without getting hit and you'll raise the super gauge quicker! Super attacks are not that great however. Some of the characters will perform an attack that will knock down enemies and other characters empower themselves for a certain amount of time. The effects are very minimal overall.

You'll be punching your way through wave after wave of baddies that are dressed in chicken outfits or have some sort of mask on them that resembles a chicken. Each enemy will burst into a shower of feathers once defeated. The enemy variety is decent overall. You'll run into average size enemies that are basically punching bags, big wrestlers, enemies with laser guns, enemies that toss bombs and of course the end stage boss on some stages.

Lucha Fury would be a decent brawler game if it wasn't for its horrible controls. The game has delay in every input that a player makes. Press the A button and your character will jump just a few seconds after the button is pressed, try to grab with the B button and your character will grab sometimes after the button is pressed. It is SO easy to accidentally perform some other type of input while trying to perform two commands too quickly. Like, when trying to grab enemy, if you hit the B button to grab then immediately start pressing the X button to attack, you might just start a normal combo instead of a grab - this flaw is shown off so greatly in the tutorial.

Lucha Fury screenshot 2

While fighting enemies, in most brawlers, there is a move to get enemies off of your characters, or the enemies have some sort of grace period where they will stop attacking. In Lucha Fury, enemies will easily swarm your character and lock your character into place with constant attacks and they won't let up until your character falls. There is no type of move that will get the enemies off of your character, so you just have to try to run away from crowds that try to surround your character.

To make matters worse, once your character falls or your character is stunned in some way (through a grab or normal stun), you will be forced to shake the right thumbstick in order to break free. I found this method of struggle to be very frustrating with how quickly it must be done. I literally have to take my right hand away from the buttons and shake the right thumbstick very quickly with two fingers in order to break out of a stun. Keep in mind, that enemies are free to attack right after the stun also! Shaking the left thumbstick would have been so much easier to implement, or perhaps just tapping a button!

Lucha Fury only gives a player one life per level. Once your health bar is fully faded, your character will enter a state of dying where you can still fight, but you'll be stunned in certain periods. A number will count down and once that number reaches zero, you'll lose that one life. You can find soda to replenish health at that time if you're lucky and still continue normally. Once that one life is gone, the stage has to be restarted from the very beginning. The one life per stage along with the bad controls make this game very frustrating at times.

The game has multiplayer through local play only, so you'll need some extra controllers and you'll need to invite some friends over to play the game in multiplayer mode. For a game that has the option for up to four players, I found the lack of online multiplayer to be inexcusable, especially with how just about every other online brawler has online multiplayer. The game is quite hard on single player since enemies can group up so much at times if you're not very careful.

Lucha Fury screenshot 3

The overall graphics and visuals look quite nice. The opening cutscene shows still anime drawings with text. The overall animation for the characters and the enemies is very fluid! Backgrounds are full of color and have much variety in their designs. You'll be fighting through streets, desert towns, forests, construction areas along with other types of stages.

The overall soundtrack for the game consists of Mexican style music along with rock and techno tunes. Most of the sound effects are rather dull however. You'll hear nothing more than punches and kicks being thrown at enemies along with the occasional chicken sound from hitting a chicken to gain life. Chickens are basically your source of health - they drop soda after being kicked.

Only a very forgiving person will find something to like in Lucha Fury. The visuals are about the only saving grace that I could find in the game. The brawling action is decent, but it's brought down severely by the bad controls. Throw in the flaw of no online multiplayer and you've got a title that has very little in the way of the fun. At 800 points on the Xbox LIVE marketplace, Lucha Fury is not worth buying at all.

The Good:
+ Background and overall graphical look is colorful and matches the game well

The Bad:
- Controls are very sluggish and clunky (delayed response to inputs)
- Annoying dizzy
- Overall sound effects are dull
- No online multiplayer

Final Rating: 35%. Lucha Fury could be a decent brawler, but the fun in its gameplay is brought down greatly by its bad controls.


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