Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Leaderboards (for main game only)

Originally released in the year 2000 for Dreamcast, Resident Evil: Code Veronica was the first game in the Resident Evil series to use 3-D backgrounds instead of prerendered background. It showed off this capability well with its unique camera that would follow behind the player and zoom in and out at times. Developers also gave players weapons with a zoom function. The upgraded version entitled Code Veronica X was released a year afterwards. Code Veronica X is known for adding several extra cutscenes involving Wesker.

Code Veronica X HD is the latest version of Code Veronica available for 1600 points on Xbox LIVE or $19.99 on the PS Store. The game still has the same graphics engine and content, but it has been upgraded to HD graphics. The lighting effects in Code Veronica have been given quite a bit of an upgrade. Any type of light illuminates more than it used to and the overall game is now darker. This makes your character casts a shadow on the side wall while standing near just about any type of light.

Rooms such as the furnace room in the Training Facility are truly brought to life thanks to the new brighter illumination of fire. Some rooms look quite different because of how dark they are when you compare them to the way they looked in the original Code Veronica X. The new darker look to the game does go against it when trying to find herb items that lie in the background however. Herb items were hard to see in the original game and now they are much harder - literally, if you don't know that some of them are there, you're very likely to miss one.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X screenshot 1

Environmental water has also received a makeover in this game. It sure didn't look as realistic in original game. In original game, water had a clear appearance and ripples didn't stand out that much. In Code Veronica X HD, the water actually makes waves and looks quite realistic when looking down at it.

The character models also have a much sharper appearance. Character icons in the main story menu have been switched to showcase their artwork from the game instead of the in-game character model. The artwork for both the title menu and end game ranking screen appear to be different from the original version as well - similar, but slightly different. All text is now very clear and easily readable on an HD or SD screen.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X screenshot 5

Despite the HD upgrade, the main game of Code Veronica X remains unchanged. The main game still follows Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield and their journey through Rockfort Island and the Antarctic Base. It really has the best story out of all the Resident Evil games. The cutscenes are all well acted out and the game is quite epic still. The game still has an unlockable Battle Game where a player can fight through several rooms of monsters in an attempt for an A-ranking or best overall time.

One problem that Code Veronica X always had was that it didn't really have much to offer in terms of replayability for the main game. It offers an unlockable rocket launcher weapon for getting an A-rank in the main game and that is all. Most other RE games offer unlockable outfits and other extras on a second playthrough. The game now has leaderboards for the best possible time for both a playthrough with or without the rocket launcher (two separate leaderboards). For those wondering, there is no leaderboard for Battle Game.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD looks quite good in HD for a game that started its life on the Dreamcast console. It has been ported quite a bit over the years, but this HD remake is by far the best port of Code Veronica X that you can currently find. It's worth the asking price if you were a fan of the game and want to replay it once again with an HD upgrade. The lighting effects should be quite a surprise to you as they were to me. Even for new RE fans, Code Veronica is easily one of the best examples of an RE game with more of a survival horror aspect and less emphasis on the action.

The Good:
+ Fully redone in HD
+ Added lighting effects and some environmental effects (water has been redone)
+ One of the best Resident Evil titles

The Bad:
- The dark look can make it harder to see some herb pickups
- The main game has little replayability

Final Rating: 85%. Veronica returns to us with a sharper and more upgraded look. The girl may be old, but she looks good for her age and she still knows how to tell a story.


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