Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

Player(s): 1-2
Extra Features: Co-op play (online only), Leaderboards

As Capcom was busy showing off Chuck Greene and all the combo weapons he could take advantage of in Dead Rising 2 before its release, many gamers were most likely wondering what happened to Frank West, the hero from the original Dead Rising. A few weeks before Dead Rising 2's release, Capcom released a teaser trailer for the epilogue game of Dead Rising 2 - Dead Rising 2: Case West. Case West featured Chuck and Frank standing on top of the hill in front of a facility and gave us promise that Frank would return.

Dead Rising 2: Case West is the second download content extension for Dead Rising 2 that is exclusive to Xbox 360. Case West assumes that Dead Rising 2 ended with Ending A where a zombie attacks Chuck in an elevator. Frank West shows up and saves Chuck from the zombie then the two partner up and travel to a Phenotrans facility to infiltrate it. Frank is looking for a good story behind the Zombrex drug while Chuck is looking to clear his name from the events that took place in Fortune City during the events of Dead Rising 2.

While investigating the facility, the zombies inside are accidentally unleashed and the facility's guards along with Frank and Chuck are all forced to do battle with the undead. The host (or single player) will always be in control of Chuck Greene and the joining player gets to control Frank West. Both characters start at level 40 and a player can level them up throughout the main story. Both Chuck and Frank have their own exclusive moves. Chuck keeps all of his moves from the Dead Rising 2 and Frank carries over many of his moves from the original Dead Rising. Both characters use weapons differently also.

Speaking of weapons, Case West has tons of new weapons throughout its environments and many of them fit the location. Weapons such as bone saws and surgical saws can be used to cut up zombies. Chemicals, heater pads, electric prods, jars of specimens, organ containers and many other lab related equipment are available as well. Case West also has a few returning weapons from the original Dead Rising such as a sickle and packages of drink cans. Some of the weapons in Case West feel the same as weapons from Dead Rising 2 with only a change in appearance, but it's still good that the developers didn't simply copy most of the items from Dead Rising 2 in Case West.

The game has 10 returning combo weapons from Dead Rising 2 and 7 new combo weapons that are exclusive to Case West. New combo weapons include the Reaper (Sickle + Katana) and Shocker (Defibrillator + Medical Tray). The Shocker offers a very gory alternate attack where Chuck will actually make a zombie explode from extreme high voltage. The Reaper has a sword and sickle blade at opposite ends and a character uses it much like a spear with blades. Both Frank and Chuck have exclusive attacks with certain combo weapons. A player must play as both of them to see all attacks.