Decimation X3 Review

Player(s): 1-4

Decimation X3 is an idie game on Xbox LIVE that is a throwback to shooters much like Galaga. A player's ship is free to roam from right to left at the bottom of the screen and fire out bullets while enemy waves hover above. Enemy ships take on the appearance of a variety of shapes and hover back and forth in a group while firing bullets toward the player's ship. A player will also fight a boss every few stages.

The game is very simple overall in both its look and the gameplay. Techno music constantly plays in the background during gameplay. It really has a feel of an 80's shooter title with its bright and simple look. Enemy ships constantly make sparks throughout the screen when they explode and the game is like a light show while played in high definition - plenty of colorful eye candy as you shoot.

A player constantly has the chance to collect powerups to build up the ship's firepower. The game uses powerups quite well. It will continue to give the player power-ups nearly every time that an enemy ship is defeated. The player's ship constantly has the chance to grow more powerful without any boundaries it seems. The spread of the bullets can be upgraded to make them spread out wider and the number of the bullets fired can be increased through powerups.