Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

Red Dead Redemption gives you an enormous amount of gameplay for your money - in story mode, multiplayer, and in simply roaming around exploring its extensive game world ... and all in a setting that hasn't already been done to death in videogames. And if that wasn't enough, the game has steadily grown through a series of DLC expansions. The Undead Nightmare pack is a little bit different, though, both for Red Dead Redemption and DLC in general. It's an alternate universe take on the familiar world of Red Dead Redemption, based on the simple premise of "what would happen if zombies appeared in the Old West?"

Modern survival horror games and zombie movies have something in common the people experiencing the zombie attack already have some idea of just what the heck a zombie is. They're undead, they need to be shot in the head to be made dead again, and if you get bitten by one you become a zombie, too. You already know all that, but imagine if the first zombie attack occurred a hundred years ago, before people had a large body of movie and videogame knowledge to educate them on how to handle a zombie incursion, and for that matter, just what the heck a zombie is.

For John Marston, it all begins at home on the ranch at Beecher's Hope with his family. Marston's uncle is acting very oddly, and a couple of bites later his wife and son are similarly afflicted. Not quite sure what's going, Marston assumes that everyone's just in need of a doctor, so he ties up his family and heads off to town to get one. Once he gets near town it becomes clear that things are far more widespread than he could have imagined, and it's not just the living that are afflicted...

Undead Nightmare is far more than a mod that applies zombie skins to your enemies. It's a completely new Red Dead Redemption chapter complete with story missions, optional side missions, and random encounters. In addition, survivors holed-up in what's left of New Austin's towns are under constant threat of zombie assaults and you'll need to monitor the map to see if one of them is trying to fight off a new onslaught and is in need of your aid.