Alien Breed 2: Assault Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Co-op play, Leaderboards

Alien Breed 2 is the second game in a series of science fiction shooter games developed by Team 17. The game places you in the role of Conrad, a space marine that is sent aboard an alien ship that his crew's ship has collided with. The story picks up right where the first Alien Breed left off. We rejoin Conrad as he investigates the alien vessel.

The gameplay is much like a mixture of Alien Syndrome and Dead Space. The game is primarily a shooter, but there are many item collecting and door unlocking missions spread throughout the game. The gameplay is presented in an overhead view much like Diablo or Marvel Ultimate Alliance and a player is free to rotate the camera by pressing the bumper buttons on top of the controller. Alien Breed has some really good variety in its gameplay. It has a story mode, a co-op mode and a survival mode.

The story mode places the player in the role of Conrad and gives you the mission of investigating the alien ship that his crew has crashed against. Conrad must collect keycards and grab equipment along the way to help him in his journey. He'll fight a horde of aliens throughout the ship. The aliens come in different forms and have a bug-like appearance overall. Conrad will find a variety of weapons along the way through the ship.

Each of his weapons are very useful in their own way. He starts with the standard pistol and assault rifle, but later gains a shotgun, flamethrower, chaingun and rocket launcher. Upgrades and extra items and ammo can be purchased at Intex stations. The game can also be saved at these areas and the game uses an autosave function at certain points for saving as well.

The creepy atmosphere for Alien Breed is done very well for a horror fan! It's environments are nearly equal to the surroundings in the space ship of Dead Space. Many of the areas are dark and full of alien tissue that is spread along the walls and floor. Doors slam while trying to open in their jammed state and alien cries can be heard throughout the ship. Aliens will completely horde a player at times out of nowhere.

While walking along a corridor, one alien might hop out of hole in the floor and several others will break through a nearby air duct. The gameplay can get very intense at times. There are a few boss fights through the game's stages. The bosses are very brutal and unique in the way that they attack and the way you fight them. The game has a total of 5 stages in its story mode. The stages are very long. Each of them is about a full hour and thirty minutes long if you search every room in the area.

The game's co-op mode is completely separate from the main story. It's composed of 3 stages. Each player plays a space marine that is sent into the alien ship to find Conrad. The difficulty is increased quite a bit for co-op play. It can be a real struggle just to maintain existence in between save stations at times for both players. If a player dies, then that player will take around 10 seconds to respawn in the area where that player died. Ammo is not plentiful at all for co-op mode. I had to switch to the infinite handgun many times during my playthrough of co-op mode.