Sonic Adventure Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Leaderboards, Download Content (upgrade to Sonic Adventure DX)

The Master Emerald has been shattered and a water-like creature known as Chaos escaped from his imprisonment inside the Master Emerald. Dr. Robotnick joins up with Chaos and the two hunt down the seven chaos emeralds. The Chaos emeralds each grant Chaos more power once he absorbs them and they cause him to evolve. Sonic and his friends join together to stop Robotnick and prevent him and Chaos from gathering all of the emeralds.

Sound familiar? It should, if you ever owned a Dreamcast back in the late 90's since Sonic Adventure was one of the most popular games out for it. Sonic Adventure on Xbox LIVE is taken from the PC version. The graphics are a bit sharper than its Dreamcast counterpart but everything still remains the same as it was on Dreamcast basically. The game costs 800 points on the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

Sonic Adventure splits the gameplay in between six characters. A player starts the game with only the option of choosing Sonic, but as Sonic meets other friends, more selectable characters become available on the adventure menu. All of the character stories intersect at one point and all characters must be played in order to unlock the final stage and get the true ending to the game. Sonic Adventure was one of the first Sonic games with several selectable characters throughout the main story. Overall, Sonic and Tails' story selections are the best since they offer more of what a Sonic game is all about - fast gameplay!

A player will be able to choose from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, E-103 (Gamma) and Big throughout the course of the game. Sonic's missions consist of long stages where a player constantly pushes forward quickly through a variety of landscapes. Sonic's missions are the most numerous and they all offer some of the quickest gameplay. Even today, Sonic's stages in Sonic Adventure still offer some of the best 3-D Sonic gameplay. There are several moments where the game moves so fast that the player basically gives control over to the game and watches it.

Tails goes through many of the same levels as Sonic, though there are obstacles designed just for him. Since he can fly, he travel great distances while still in the air and can fly over giant gaps in landscapes. Tails mainly has to race against Sonic in most of his missions and beat Sonic to the end. Tails' missions are much more rushed than Sonic's, but Sonic will still waits up in certain areas to give the player a chance at certain points. Tails' stages really aren't as hard as they could be.