Section 8: Prejudice Review

Player(s): 1 - 32
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer (32 players max), Leaderboards, Download Content

Section 8 Prejudice is a science fiction first person shooter where you must defend humanity against the threat of an invading army. Prejudice includes 4 main modes of play: Campaign, Conquest, Swarm and Assault. Campaign is single player only and Conquest, Swarm and Assault are all played through online multiplayer.

The campaign takes a player through the main story of Prejudice and last around 5 hours. The majority of the campaign missions involve reaching a certain target marker on the map to engage in a battle before moving on to the next or pulling a switch or activating some type of control panel to accomplish an objective. The campaign has a few escort missions as well. Plenty of cutscenes and in-game dialogue tell the story as the player progresses.

Prejudice has a huge variety of weapons to choose from and each weapon can be loaded with a different type of ammo to give it different strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose from weapons such as an assault rifle, machine gun, pistol, rocket launcher, sniper rifle just to name a few. All weapons can be loaded with a different type of ammo such as slug rounds or burst fire rounds for the sniper rifle to give them different properties. For instance, the slug rounds will take off more per shot, but the burst rounds will allow a short burst of bullets to hit a target more rapidly. Grenades, repair tools, knives (for stealth kills) and other minor weapons can be equipped as well.

As the player progresses, money will be earned that will allow a player to buy extra equipment such as deployable turrets, anti-air guns and vehicles. In campaign, the true use of buying extra equipment is never really put into full effect. Buying equipment is much more useful in the online multiplayer modes. A player will get the chance to ride in all of the vehicles in the campaign mode as the missions progress however.

There is a hyper speed skill that a player can use to zoom through a map very quickly after running for a while. This can drastically speed up the overall campaign mode. Once you see where the destination marker is located on the map, you can basically just hyper speed right toward it to finish an objective or engage in the next fight. The hyper speed really helps out for the big maps in multiplayer!

The campaign mode has a few boss fights and tough areas, but overall, I really only had to use a few weapons to get through the majority of the campaign. The sniper rifle is almost always needed along with some kind of rapid fire weapon. The campaign is overall very short and only really sets up the overall atmosphere and setting for the game. I thought of the campaign mode as more of like a tutorial for the online multiplayer after I finished it for the most part.

The multiplayer modes of Prejudice is where the game truly excels. All multiplayer modes involve the same kind of goal for the most part. Basically, you have to take over enemy control points by hacking them and try to defend your own control points from being hacked. Control points can be taken back from the enemy by rehacking them and enemy hacks can be overridden if a player gets to the control point panel in time to stop it.

The multiplayer is where the bought equipment really comes in to play. As players kill off other players, they will begin to gain money, which they can use to buy equipment with. A player can press D-pad up at any time to buy deployable objects such as an anti-air gun, turret gun or vehicle and that object will be dropped by a drop ship eventually. The deployable guns help to defend control points while the vehicles help a bunch with attacking enemy control points through force. Players will start out being dropped out of a dropship, but the opposing team can set up anti-air guns in certain areas that will prevent the opposing team from landing in a certain radius of the gun by air.

There is no limit to the amount of bought equipment that can be placed on a map. The equipment can be destroyed by enemies and repaired by allies. Once a control point has been hacked in an area, all surrounding equipment will be under the control of the team that last hacked that control point.

In Conquest mode, two teams struggle to take over control points and build up points through all that is done on each side (kills, equipment destruction, hacks, etc). The points constantly mount up per side and the team with the most points will win the battle once time has run out. In Assault mode, a team must protect one control point from enemy bots that will attack in a neverending swarm. Difficulties can be chosen to limit or raise the AI's aggression. If the AI team cannot gain full control of the control point then the player team wins. In Assault mode, all control points start out under one team's control and the other team must attempt to seize full control of the control points.

Many unlockable weapons and awards will be unlocked as the player engages in the multiplayer modes. One of the best parts about the multiplayer is that there is almost always something to be gained no matter if you're winning or losing - there is almost always something that you can do. You might even unlock a few awards or unlockables on accident!

The controls for shooting are quite nice. There is a lock-on aiming feature where a player can lock-on to a moving target for a certain amount of time in order to blast the target with precision aim. The lock-on cannot be abused however since it will only remain active for a short while and must recharge - and it takes quite a while to recharge. The overall controls in the game are very comfortable. The camera moves quite well which helps for precision shots. Every gun has a different level of zooming as well.

The overall look of environments and surroundings provides a good battlefield experience for each map. Some areas have snow, some are out in a forest area and some have lava pools, just to name a few. The character models in story look decent but don't really compare to other shooters as well thanks to the rough edges of each character. The game has an epic soundtrack overall and character voices match each character well in the campaign mode.

Prejudice is an overall great online first person shooter game for an arcade title. It doesn't really stand out that much from other first person shooters when it comes to the single player mode, but the multiplayer can get quite addicting with the number of options available to a player while engaging in combat on the battlefield. It's not a groundbreaking title, but it's worth a check if you're in the mood for a good online multiplayer shooter.

The Good:
+ Addicting multiplayer mode.
+ A huge variety of weapons - normal weapons, deployable weapons, vehicles.

The Bad:
- Campaign mode is very short and can be rushed through easily.

Final Rating: 78%. Section 8: Prejudice is a worthy title for online shooter fans but won't really hold many players over with its single player campaign.


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