Quantum Theory Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Multiplayer (2-8), Leaderboards

Quantum Theory is a shooter much in the same style as Gears of War. It takes place in a futuristic wasteland setting. Civilians are trying to recover from a great war and have a new threat in a sudden tower that has emerged and released a substance called the "Diablosis". The Diablosis has spread throughout the land and infected the surrounding population, turning them into mindless killing machines that are controlled by the Diablosis.

A player will take the role of Syd, a hardened soldier that is determined to bring down the tower no matter the results. As already mentioned, the gameplay in Quantum Theory has much the same cover and shoot style found in a Gears of War game. A player will constantly have to take cover behind walls, columns or other cover areas while involved in gunfights with Diablosis enemies.

The beginning areas of the game are much like a standard shooter. Syd has a squad with him and must fight his way to the tower. I couldn't help by notice that Syd's squad got in my way very often while I was trying to fire in the early levels. Syd gets a great variety of weapons throughout the game. He has his standard gun, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, reflecting laser, and rocket launcher among others. The reflecting laser was quite a fun weapon in the later levels.

Just like in a Gears game, a player must take cover while shooting or suffer some extreme damage from standing out in the open. While trying to take cover I often found Syd pinned to a cover area and unwilling to move because I couldn't get a prompt to move him away from the wall. A player has to wait for a prompt to appear while moving away from a wall or Syd will not step away from it. This can be quite annoying when an enemy sneaks up behind Syd.

I found myself wasting a bunch of shots with multiple weapons because the targeting areas for the crosshairs are so very limited. Syd has to pinpoint an enemy in between the crosshairs in order to hit the enemy properly. A player is encouraged to hit specific areas of an enemy to kill them quickly (such as the head), but it's quite hard to aim for the weak point areas without a sniper rifle.