Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Leaderboards

Sonic's advancement toward 3-D gameplay has been either a decent adventure or a complete miss in terms of fun. Sonic never really has had a "hit" since his 2-D gameplay days. Having the option to play with several characters in a story adds to variety, but if you're like me, you just want to pick one of the characters and speed through a well-designed level and engage in some fun platforming.

Sonic 4 returns Sonic to his 2-D style of gameplay. The game borrows ideas from all the older 2-D Sonic games and is like a modern remake of the original 2-D games. Sonic 4 looks great in high definition. Sonic is very animated and the game has an overall 3-D appearance to it. Sonic's overall movement has many more frames of animation when compared to the older Genesis titles - it's like he is moving slower at times because of the many frames of animation that he has to go through now.

Sonic 4 has a total of 4 zones with 3 acts each. The game starts with the familiar Splash Hill Zone then progresses to a Casino zone, a Lost Labyrinth and finally the secret Eggman base. The Splash Hill zone is much like a remade version of the first zone in the original Sonic. The zone has some added platforming obstacles such as the spiral bridge from Sonic 2.

The Casino stage has pinball, card and dice minig ames that Sonic can play while on the go. A player can earn a bunch of extra lives from this stage through luck with the mini games as Sonic races by them. There is also a new card obstacle that allows Sonic to race along cards that are laid out in front of him. The stage has the usual slot machines found in other Sonic games as well.

The Labyrinth zone has a more unique feel to it compared to other Sonic games. It still has some water portions where Sonic must collect air bubbles to survive, but Sonic must carry a torch at one part and illuminate the way by lighting up torches while carrying a torch through a very dark cave. A player can hop into mining carts and race along railroad tracks and even hop on top of a boulder and try to keep balance on it while rolls down a set of bars. The Eggman base has large gears that Sonic can run along to reach new platforms and open secret doorways. Each stage has several multiple paths that a player can take to collect hidden power-ups and more rings.

Each zone has its own unique end boss. Dr. Eggman will always be waiting after the third act of each zone to fight Sonic with one of his flying machines. Boss fights are very similar to older Eggman boss fights in the original 2-D games, however, Eggman will suddenly surprise the player with all-new attacks toward the end of a battle.