Attack of the Movies 3D Review

Attack of the Movies 3D's homage to classic B-movie genres would be much more welcome if it weren't a B-game itself. In fact, it actually resides on some tier well below the B grade. It's strictly a rail-shooter (i.e. you don't control your movement) and is a lot like a poorly made light gun or Wii game ... except that it's played without a light gun or Wii Remote. The basic premise is kind of cool - blast your way through a series of levels drawn from familiar B-movie genres such as giant insect or alien invasions. However, while B-movies can be kind of fun to watch in a cheesy sort of way, there's nothing fun about Attack of the Movies 3D. Even though there's not all that much to shoot at while you're pulled along the rail it's difficult and frustrating trying to shoot the few targets that are there. The aiming reticule constantly pulls to the center of the screen, so you're always fighting to move it around the screen and to keep it on your target long enough to destroy it. Making matters even more frustrating, you're not given much time to kill the enemies on screen before the camera begins to swing you around to a new area and although you can't shoot them once they're off-screen, they can still shoot you. It doesn't take many hits to kill you and the health packs are spread too far apart and rarely stay on screen long enough for you to spare the time to take aim at them. This leads to plenty of cheap deaths and replays of long stretches of the game over and over again thanks to the sparse checkpoints in each of the levels. All of these problems conspire to make the game frustrating even on its easiest difficulty setting.

The game has a gimmick that might rope in a few unsuspecting gamers - 3D graphics. Before you get excited about a potential Avatar-like experience, though, you should know that the 3D in this game is of the seriously old school red-blue lens variety. The 3D effect isn't that good at all, to say the least, and extended play is almost guaranteed to give you a headache and screw up your vision for a little while after you finish. You'll see a few enemies that look like they're floating a bit above the others, but that's accompanied by washed out colors that make the barebones graphics look even worse.

There's no reason to recommend this game to anyone. It's short, but feels longer than it is because it's so frustrating and poorly designed. The graphics are poor, the 3D effects rudimentary, and the controls are terrible. Other than that it's fine.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 35%. Run screaming from this one.


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