Green Day: Rock Band Review

After playing the great homage that The Beatles: Rock Band was to that band and its career, it's hard not to be somewhat disappointed with Green Day: Rock Band. There are only three venues in the game, and correspondingly three sets of outfits for the band, one for each venue. There are no videos or cutscenes marking your progression through the career mode you simply unlock another group of songs once you've earned the requisite number of stars playing the previous songs. You also earn cred by completing songs that unlocks challenges in each of the venues, but these challenges simply amount to playing through a set of tracks. There are band pictures and videos that can be unlocked by your performance on each song three stars unlocks one item, four stars unlocks two, and five unlocks all three but these are not integrated into the career mode. They're just there for you to brose through while you're not actively playing the game. This all makes the game feel more like a Rock Band track pack than a true successor to The Beatles: Rock Band.

There are 47 Green Day songs included in the game, including the full track lists from Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown. If you've previously downloaded the six Green Day songs available on the Rock Band Music Store they'll also be incorporated into the game. Conversely, you can export all of the Green Day: Rock Band songs for play in Rock Band or Rock Band 2, but doing so will cost you $10 on top of what you've already paid for the game. Green Day's songs are certainly fun to play, even for casual fans of their music, and the game incorporates the support for three part vocal harmonies that was pioneered in The Beatles: Rock Band. There's a decent amount of diversity to the music considering that it's all coming from a single band. Like all Rock Band games, the medium skill level is not as fun to play as it is in the Guitar Hero games, and it's a big step-up from there to the hard skill level.

I can't recommend the game based on its comparison to The Beatles: Rock Band because that game was a much stronger and more complete entry in the Rock Band series. Green Day fans will appreciate the band photos and videos, but will probably be a little disappointed that there wasn't more to the game. If you're looking to expand your Rock Band track library with a healthy does of Green Day, the full retail price of the game and the extra $10 to export the tracks make this a more expensive proposition than simply downloading individual tracks, but the release of this game pretty much assures that these tracks won't be appearing on their own in the Rock Band Music Store anytime soon. Other than that it is a Rock Band game, and it's hard not to have fun with Rock Band.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 75%. It's more of a Green Day track pack than a successor to The Beatles: Rock Band.


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