Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review

Player(s): 1 (2 co-op, 2-12 online multiplayer)
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer (2-12 players), Leaderboards, Download Content

The original Kane and Lynch followed the story of both criminals as they escaped from death row. Kane and Lynch 2 takes place after the events of the first game and allows the player to play with Lynch from the beginning this time. Lynch is now leading a normal life with a new wife in Shanghai after escaping from death row for the murder of his wife in the first game. Lynch calls upon his fellow partner in crime, Kane, about a new deal that Lynch has made where the pay is beyond their wildest dreams. Eventually the two meet up on the streets of Shanghai and go to meet with a person about the deal. The two eventually find themselves involved in a war with a Shanghai crime boss and Lynch's newfound life hangs in the balance of it all.

The overall gameplay of Kane and Lynch is much like the usual third person shooter. Kane and Lynch will enter an area with other criminals or police and a big shootout will commence. The sequel has a much better cover system and overall controls when compared to the first game. It's much easier to aim and shoot while taking cover this time. The first game made players lean against a wall once a player pushed against it with the left thumbstick but Kane and Lynch 2 makes a player press the A button to stick to a wall. The cover system feels more updated in the second game overall and allows a player better control for the many gunfights.

The game allows a player to grab a hold of an enemy and use him as a shield during a gunfight this time. A player can approach an enemy and press the B button to grab him then aim and shoot at other enemies. The player can push the human shield toward an enemy or execute the hostage with a shot to the head. A player can also pick up gas cans and fire extinguishers from the surrounding environments and toss them at enemy groups then shoot them to make them explode and take down several enemies at once.

After a player receives so many hits at once, the player will be knocked to the ground. While the player is on the ground, the player can get up or aim and continue to shoot. A player is nearly dead while on the ground, so you have to think quickly while grounded. The game still uses a life meter system where a player must take cover after so many hits in order to regain health. Unlike the first game, a player cannot be brought back to life with an adrenaline shot from the partner in single player mode.

Kane and Lynch 2 uses a very unique camera system. It almost appears as if a cameraman is following your main character all the time. The angle will stay right up against your character's right side and zoom out when your character runs. The zoom out during the run presents a view much like a viewer might see on the Cops TV show where a cameraman follows a cop as he/she pursues a criminal. The camera in the main game can add some minor frustrations to movement at times though since the character will block out part of the view while moving since he is so close.