Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz Review

Football Genius is as much a niche product as it is a game, and that niche is about as niche as they come. The game and its 3,500 questions are directed squarely at diehard fans of European soccer who also happen to be living in the US and own an Xbox 360. The typical US sports fan will be left bewildered by most of the questions, and even US soccer fans will find the going to be pretty rough as there aren't any questions related to the US' MLS league or even to the plethora of teams found between Texas and Antarctica. If you can't name players and coaches from European league and national teams by their headshots, then you'll be in some serious trouble. There aren't any gimme questions either (at least I haven't seen any while playing), so while you're not trying to patch a name to a face you'll have to remember things like the score of a championship game that took place five years ago. I wouldn't recommend the game as a learning tool for those who've decided that they want to learn more about European soccer, as the game doesn't always give you the correct answer after you've made a mistake and it quickly moves on to the next question without giving you any context for the question and answer.

If I haven't scared you away at this point, you'll probably be interested to know that the game can be played with one to four players, either locally or online. However, you will more than likely have some trouble tracking down online opponents as there don't seem to be too many of them out there. You can choose to play a long or short version of the game which determines how many rounds you'll face. Each round features some slight variation on play that ranges from your basic multiple choice question to trying to guess a player's name as his scrambled picture is slowly brought into focus. In all of the games the questions are on a timer, and the faster you can answer them the more points you'll win if you're correct. Unfortunately for soccer neophytes wrong answers result in negative points, but at least the game won't take your score below zero. The game has avatar support in so much as your avatar's head appears above your score, cheering for each right answer and looking sad for each wrong one. Vaguely quiz showy music plays throughout the game and there are soccer-themed transition screens between rounds, but that's about it for presentation. It's low thrill, but it will be appealing enough to those who really want to test their extensive soccer knowledge.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%. Straight-forward, no nonsense trivia best left to the most diehard of fans of European soccer.


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