Red Faction: Guerrilla - Demons of the Badlands Review

Demons of the Badlands takes you back in time from the events in Red Faction: Guerilla, to a time when the miners of Mars were quiet and complacent under the heel of the EDF. Still the EDF was not without a thorn in its side in the form of the Marauders. In Red Faction: Guerilla, the Mad Max style Marauders were more of an annoyance than anything else, shooting at you every time the opportunity presented itself. In Demons of the Badlands you yourself are a Marauder, a warrior named Samanya who specializes in cleaning up the messes caused by the overly ambitious plans of her zealous and overaggressive sister.

You'll have no trouble swapping Alec Mason's boots for Samanya's as Demons of the Badlands doesn't do anything to alter the basic gameplay of the original. In fact, some aspects have been simplified as there is no morale to worry about since there are no miners around and the Marauders are basically zealots. Also, collecting/destroying ore, propaganda, scrap, and EDF crates have been eliminated and replaced with a single collectible to seek. With the elimination of scrap/ore there's no more weapons upgrade market - instead new weapons and upgrades are doled out as rewards for successfully completing missions.

Demons of the Badlands takes place in a new zone, Mariner Valley. Pop up the map with the Back button and what you'll see will look relatively familiar, sans the aforementioned morale bar. Marauder bases, EDF targets, and regular and story missions will all be marked with the familiar icons, and the types of Marauder action missions available will be familiar as well. The four story missions provide more action than you'd think, given that they're all pretty challenging and feature multiple stages. The biggest difference between Demons of the Badlands and the original game in this area is that there's not as much of a story in the expansion. The story elements are sparse and you lose that feeling that you had in the original game that you were part of something big and that your actions had an impact on the momentum of the revolt. Still, assaulting EDF bases and blowing up their structures is still plenty of fun.

As a Marauder you're given access to a new arsenal of weapons different than those at your disposal as Mason. The weapons fall into similar categories, but this time around they tend to pack more punch, carry more ammo, and/or have higher rates of fire. You'll love taking out buildings with the new more powerful charges and fast-shooting missile pod, and if you get tired of busting heads with your trusty hammer (don't worry, the hammer is still here) you can switch to the Impaler - a particularly nasty halberd.

You'll get several hours of play out of the expansion, and if you enjoyed the original game's campaign you'll have fun with this one. I wish the story was a little deeper and that there were more missions available, but I liked the original game so much that in the end I was happy enough with more of the same. If you weren't a big fan of the original game, though, there's nothing here that will change your opinion of the game.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 78%. It's more of the same, but I like it.


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