Gin Rummy Review

Gin Rummy for XBLA is a game of, well, gin rummy.  Nothing fancy about the title; you get just what it says you get.  The same can be said of the game itself - you get gin rummy without much in the way of embellishments, features, or pizzazz.  The game comes with a few rules variants, but they only really affect the way the scoring is done.  Variants that change the actually gameplay rules are absent, including the one I always play when playing rummy with friends and family.

The interface is very simple and straightforward - you see your hand and the discard and draw piles sitting on a simple tabletop.  Cards move between your hand and the piles with functional efficiency and there aren't any other animations or graphical enhancements to speak of.  The background music is an annoying jazz-like track on an extremely short loop that will drive you insane before you've played out your first hand if you're not careful and turn the sound off.

You can play the game against the computer on Xbox Live against other people.  The computer doesn't seem to be too hard to beat, unless it turns out that that I am a natural when it comes to gin rummy.  I suppose that if you enjoy playing cards on Xbox Live Arcade and have a fondness for gin rummy, then Gin Rummy will fit the bill well enough.  Otherwise you can probably find a more exciting version that supports more variants online for your Pc, and probably for free at that.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 62%. Simple, straightforward, no thrills gin rummy.


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