Tetris Splash Review

You know those games that sound like a great idea but turn out to be pretty lame when you play them? Tetris Splash is not one of those games, because I'm not quite sure how they came up with the idea for this version of Tetris in the first place, let alone thought that it was a great idea. You see what you have here is a normal game of Tetris superimposed on an animated aquarium backdrop. The game itself has nothing to do with fish, water, or anything aquatic, there just happen to be fish in the backdrop. The aquarium scene can also be used as a screen saver, but this is of dubious usefulness on an Xbox 360. Do you really want to run the risk of giving your 360 the dreaded ring of death by leaving it on for hours animating fish on your TV screen? Apparently the developers think so because the game has a large number of downloads available that let you add more fish to your virtual tank (all at a price of course).

Odd aquarium screensavers aside, let's take a look at the gameplay itself. Tetris Splash gives you Tetris in its basic form without any variants or embellishments. One thing it does give you is extensive help in piece placement - so much so that it basically takes a lot of the challenge out of the game. As each piece falls from the top of the screen, a ghost piece appears on the piece pile below to let you know exactly where the piece will fit when dropped. So much for challenging your spatial thinking skills. As if this wasn't a big enough assist, the game will allow you to continue to rotate a piece after it has fallen. As long as you keep the piece rotating when it hits bottom, it won't lock into place. Needless to say this can effectively pause the game to let you think about your next couple of moves, not to mention that it makes things a lot easier on you once the pile starts to get near the top of the screen.

The game does have Xbox Live support in the form of leaderboards and multiplayer play. However, with the game assists the score rankings feel somewhat spurious, as you can't tell the true Tetris whizzes apart from those with the patience to sit around and spin each piece into place. Multiplayer games consist of you playing Tetris on your screen while other players do the same, with the highest score winning the match. It's kind of cool to see the other player's boards in miniature on your screen, but not cool enough to justify purchasing the game based on this feature.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 56%. Leave this one to that small population of the gaming public that likes to play their games while facing their fish tank.


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