Inifinite Undiscovery Review

Player(s): 1
Memory: 528KB
HDTV Support: 720p/1080i/1080p

In this action RPG developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix, a group known as the Order of Chains has ensnared the moon for their own purposes. They have placed large chains in areas around the land to lock the moon in place and the chains are causing monsters to appear as well as turn the world into a wasteland full of withering trees and crops. Deep in the prison of the Order, an unlikely hero named Capell is rescued while being mistaken for the brave warrior Sigmund the Liberator. The story begins with Capell's breakout from the Order's prison with the help of one of Sigmund's subordinates. The main story takes the player on an adventure to destroy all the chains that bind the moon in place and discover answers to some secrets that the moon carries. Infinite Undiscovery has a total of 17 characters, all of which enter and exit your party throughout the main story.

Battles are all played out in real-time with you taking control of the main character, Capell, while your party is free to act based on a set of commands that you may choose from. Capell's attacks are all composed of button tap sequences between the A and B buttons. The A button is your light attack while B is your heavy attack and usually the end for the sequence. The combo A, A, A, B is basically the limit to a complete chain of attacks. Enemy attacks can be parried by tapping the LT button as the enemy attacks, which will result in the enemy being stunned for a few seconds if the move is executed properly. Parrying is really hard from my experiences, however, since you have to gain a feel of each particular enemy type and their attacks in order to parry them or you might just get lucky. As Capell levels up, different battle skills become available to him, which can be equipped to either the A or B button. Press and hold the A or B button once a skill is equipped to the button in order to unleash the skill. The battle skills can be mixed in with normal combos also, such as A, A, A, charge A among many other combinations.

Your party members gain access to just about as many battle skills as Capell and you can also control when they perform some of their battle skills. Skills may be set up from the main menu for Capell and any of the other party members. The game uses a "Connect" system that allows you to control another party member with your main character. While out on the field, you can hold the RB button and connect to another party member by tapping the corresponding button that goes along with the character name. Once connected, two default battle skill attacks will be displayed above Capell along with an X or Y button icon. You can tap either button at that point to order the connected party member to perform a skill on a targeted enemy. This is sometimes needed for solving puzzles as well. There is one puzzle where you must charm an enemy and lure it back to a certain area in order to advance. The connect system may also be used in towns to gain extra information also. For instance, you can connect to Rico in a town and be able to talk with animals for extra dialogue.

Just about every portion of menu navigation must be performed in real-time. When the menu is open, your characters will all sit down in a group as you cycle through the various menus. If you're on the world map then it is best to scan your surroundings since an enemy can easily attack while the main menu is up. The real-time menu can lead to some frustration during battle when Capell is the only member of the party left since you must cycle through the menu at a quick pace while enemies attack Capell in order to revive your fallen party members. It is a good idea to keep all characters stocked with the latest equipment since you'll be forced to use some characters at certain points. This really isn't as much of a problem as it sounds, however, although it is best to keep those that are close to Capell fully upgraded... *cough*Aya*cough*.