RoboBlitz Review

RoboBlitz puts you in the role of a robot named Blitz, hurray for truth in advertising. Anyway you’re minding your own business on your spaceship when all of a sudden you come under attack by other robots who just happen to be space pirates after your ship. Good thing your ship comes with a gigantic space cannon that can send the bad guys into oblivion … now if only you had left it powered on and fully loaded… Your task is thus to get that cannon back online and save your ship.

Defending a ship under siege in a game built with the Unreal engine sounds for all the world like it would be a shooter, but RoboBlitz is primarily a puzzle game with elements of an action game thrown in. Your ship is divided into a number of sections each dedicated to a subsystem of your super cannon … power, ammunition, etc. Each of these subsections is divided into three levels that you'll need to complete in succession in order to bring the subsystem back online.

Bringing the systems online is where the puzzle aspect of the game comes into play. The puzzles are all of the variety that will be familiar to players of platform games. Boxes need to be moved to weigh down triggers, switches need to be flipped, and you’ll need to jump between platforms of various kinds or avoid being flattened by machinery. There’s nothing here that will have you racking your brain in frustration, especially since the ship’s resident science bot is always sending you communications letting you know what you need to do next.

Making your task a bit more of a challenge are the robots who’ve invaded your ship. These come in a few varieties, from little ones who scurry about the ground trying to simply run into you to flying models that launch missiles at you. You’re not entirely defenseless, though. Blitz can switch his arm attachments on the fly and begins the game with a pair of grabbing arms and a pair with EMP rifles on the tips. The grabbing arms are pretty useless against enemies; they’re really there for manipulating and moving objects while solving the game’s puzzles. The EMP rifles can temporarily disable enemies but not take them out. If you’re lucky then the enemy is close to a ledge, shredder, or some other danger and you can give them a nudge to their death. As you make your way through the game’s levels you’ll find objects known as upgradium which you can collect to buy upgrades between levels. Some of these upgrades are new arm extensions that pack more of an offensive punch and allow you to permanently take out those pesky enemy robots.