Chicken Blaster Review

Player(s): 1-2

Chickens are attacking everywhere so we must take the role of a farmer and blast them! Why are the chickens so crazy all of a sudden? I don't know and the instruction booklet doesn't care enough to tell me, so it's time to grab my Zapper and blast some chickens. Chicken Blaster is a cartoon shooter developed by Zoo where a player must shoot chickens through several different stages ranging from a barnyard to a icy stage and onward to a castle.

Chicken Blaster has three modes of play: Career, Quest and Survival. Career takes you through each stage of chicken enemies and unlocks a new stage after the current one is completed. There are a total of eight stages altogether. Quest mode gives you certain objectives to choose from - choose one objective then play the stage until the objective is accomplished. For instance, a player might have to defeat 90 chickens in under a minute and half and so on. Survival mode sends a player into a stage without any continues. All modes use the same exact stages. Complete the stage in career mode and it will be unlocked in the other modes.

Each stage pits the player against a swarm of chickens. The chickens really cluster badly in the background at times and some of them fly by in waves. Most of the time, the chickens are all at a great distance from the player making aiming quite hard. You'll be firing rapidly at the screen very often in an attempt to hit a chicken most of the time like I was most likely. The chickens' main attack is to toss eggs at the player. The eggs need to be shot out of the air before they splat against the screen.

The targeting cursor on the screen is constantly rotating making pinpoint aiming quite hard. When attempting to shoot, the game is not lenient at all when it comes to distant chickens or any type of distant object. Every chicken or object must be hit with the precise dot in the middle of the targeting cursor. This can cause a player to get hit a bunch by eggs that the chickens will toss at you. I found myself shooting rapidly at times in an attempt to hit a group of chickens, but I would still miss constantly because the game requires such pinpoint aiming when shooting.

The game has a few weapons including the default handgun. There is also a shotgun, machine gun and some grenades that can be collected. The early levels basically only offer the default handgun to the player, but thankfully the later levels allow a bit more shooting variety with better weapons. Playing with the handgun all the time can get rather boring since the aiming is hard and there is no rapid fire with a handgun.

The chicken models' overall look isn't really that detailed. There are only a few variety of chickens early on in the game such as a chicken with colored clothing and the more common brown chickens that appear in groups. Later levels introduce other varieties such as the chicken with the snowcap in the ice level. The variety of the chicken models really doesn't matter that much however since the chickens are usually so far away from the screen that you can't get a good look at them. The game has a few bosses throughout the eight stages as well.

The music in Chicken Blaster is pretty good overall. The barnyard tunes early in the game seem to get repetitive but the music during the later levels sounds rather pleasant. Sound effects are basically nothing more than hearing shots fired and hearing the sounds of chickens as they fly around and shout when they are shot.

Chicken Blaster is a budget title and you basically get what you pay for here. There is very little variety outside of constantly blasting a horde of chickens. The bosses at the end of some stages are basically the only break from the usual blasting of chickens. Some of the later stages are a bit more fun to play thanks to the change in scenery but overall, the game is one repetitive free for all chicken hunt that does not amuse me that much at all. Avoid the game and go pick up an NES with Duck Hunt.

The Good:
+ Allows use of both the Wii remote and Blaster
+ Overall good music that fits each stage and sounds pleasant

The Bad:
- The game requires too precise of aiming when attempting to shoot a chicken or object
- The stages get repetitive very quickly

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 40%. Chicken Blaster takes a player through eight stages of shooting nothing but chickens and it's about as fun as it sounds.


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