MySims Agents Review

I think, and maybe I'm wrong here, but I think that most kids at some point wanted to be a detective. Maybe you wanted to be a Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boy or even an Encyclopedia Brown. There was just something about seeing the unknown and solving it that sounded really cool. EA remembers this and that is exactly what you get to do in MySims: Agents.

MySims: Agents by EA really has very little to do with the Sims games, and that's not meant as a negative. I found the Sims games not very fun because I really didn't want to spend time feeding or worrying about hygiene. So, yea, it's a lot like my real life...but I digress. Agents takes away all the irritating micromanagement and leaves you in the Sim shoes of a rising detective. There are Sims-like characteristic here and there, but really this game could have totally gone without the Sims license and would have been just fine.

You take control of a Sim that you customize at the beginning by selecting things like gender, color, and hair. Once you have your Sim all ready you are tossed into a pizza parlor and you get your first case, that of a missing dog. This rather simple case is where you learn the controls and how to generally go about solving a mystery. It's during this very first case that you will meet Morcubus and right off you know he's a bad man because he has an evil laugh. This will not be the last time in Agents that you will cross paths with Morcubus.

After solving a couple of mysteries in your neighborhood you impress a group of Special Agents enough where they want you to join them and even give you your own office building complete with a jet on the roof. Of course this is your dream so you sign up and soon you're on the trail of a big sinister corporation run by none other than the previously mentioned Morcubus.

Agents has a very good natured feel to it. The characters are all big-headed and goofy and all speak Simlish, which is gibberish but which you will have no problem understanding. If that doesn't make sense, well, you've never heard a Sim speak. What they don't say in understandable words they more than make up for in tone and attitude. So while there are a lot of voice-overs in the game, you will need to read a lot to be able to figure out what you're suppose to be doing.