M&M's Adventure Review

Player(s): 1

M&Ms, the milk chocolate candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. I prefer peanut M&Ms myself when given the choice, but they're all just as good. I wish I could speak so positively about this game though. Surely you have your own favorite M&M commercial that is shown on TV, right? You know, the commercials that usually star the Red or Yellow M&Ms where they have their own distinct personalities? Well, the personalities and overall charming appeal present there doesn't really carry over to M&Ms Adventure all that well.

M&Ms Adventure begins the day before Christmas. Red, Yellow and Green are sitting around ready to leave their factory for the holidays when all of sudden a factory malfunction causes some M&Ms to go missing in the factory. A total of 120 stars- I mean, "M&Ms" are lost and it's your job to find them. You start the adventure with Red M&M and are given the option to play as the other M&M characters as you progress through the stages.

M&Ms Adventure has your chosen character going through some of the most boring and repetitive stages that I have seen in a platformer. Your main goal is to simply reach an elevator in each stage while collecting coins and hidden M&Ms along the way. The stages are set in a factory and all the surroundings are basically composed of metal floors, metal platforms, assembly lines and many other factory based equipment and objects. You'll be running and jumping along the usual floating platforms and other obstacles while collecting the usual collectibles just like in any other platformer. M&Ms Adventure hardly does anything to distinguish itself from the norm.

Red has a nice little flying mini game that can be played whenever he dons a set of plastic wings that he can use to glide across long open areas. This is about the only feature that kept my interest in playing with him, but these aren't all that common in the game. You can use the control stick and buttons or use motion controls to help him flap his plastic gliders while flying and collecting items. Yellow is much slower than Red and has the ability to double jump. Green has her own unique abilities as well.

Each set of stages eventually leads up to a boss fight where you'll have to solve a slight puzzle in order to beat the boss. The first boss is one of the most laughable bosses I have seen in a platformer. When Red first entered the boss room, I could have sworn that I heard an 8-year old whining through my speakers, but oh no, it was the Cupid boss. I'll go ahead and tell you how to beat him since you'll likely never even play this game. See, you have to follow him around the room as he flies over to a power box. He will hover near a power box as metal platforms move out of the nearby wall. All you have to do is jump along the metal platforms and hop onto a switch pad at the top of the platforms to fry him while he stands in front of the power box. He will quickly escape then fly over to another power box. Cupid has a convenient and overall horrible boss AI at the same time! He won't even try to fight back, so Red has this fight in the bag!


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