The Incredible Maze Review

Have you ever played with the puzzle toy that consists of a box with knobs on the side that are used to tilt the maze that forms the top of the box? I've seen it sold under a few names including Space Maze and Labyrinth, but the goal is always the same: to guide a small metal ball from the maze's start to its finish while avoiding the holes scattered throughout the maze. If you're familiar with this puzzle toy, then you know exactly what to expect from The Incredible Maze. The knobs on the side of the box have been replaced with the Wii Remote, and tilting the Remote will tilt the maze in the corresponding direction and the ball will begin to roll. If you've never seen the toy, well, you now know pretty much all there is to know about it. It's a pretty simple toy and The Incredible Maze is a pretty simple game.

There are some differences between The Incredible Maze and the original toy, besides the fact that one resides in the virtual world and the other in the real. The Incredible Maze has an advantage in that it comes with a variety of mazes; you're not just stuck with the one that comes on the box. It would have been nice if The Incredible Maze showed a little imagination and creativity in its maze design, but at least you got a collection of different square mazes with scattered holes.

For the most part, the controls work fine, but the Remote's lack of sensitivity is at times an issue. It's very hard to gently nudge the ball around a wall or perform other finesse moves. It's also difficult to make the ball hop over a wall, which is frustrating because some mazes require a wall jump to complete them.

The game comes with a series of mazes of increasing difficulty, and once you play through them all you can return to any of them to try and beat your best times for completing them. However, The Incredible Maze is one of those games that will have a difficult time holding your interest for long. The rolling ball puzzle game has been around for a while, and some of the later versions such as Mercury Meltdown add numerous puzzle elements to the mix, which makes for more variety and challenge. There's not much in the way of variety between The Incredible Maze's mazes and your biggest challenge comes from working with the Wii's controls.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 45%. The Incredible Maze's name is only half right it's a maze but it's hardly incredible.


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