Helix Review

Helix is a music rhythm game in which you must mimic the dance moves of a robot while holding two Wii remotes.  The dance moves are all done with your arms, and all involve pointing or swinging your arms in one direction or another.  In fact, the game is more like playing Simon Says with a techno soundtrack than it is like dancing.

Aside from its incredibly bland graphics and presentation, Helix has some issues with its gameplay that will cause you to quickly lose interest in the game.  The first is an issue with the game's design.  After the robot does a move, you need to watch a meter at the top of the screen to see when it is time for you to imitate the move.  The problem is that as you're watching the meter and swinging the Remotes, the robot is already doing his next move.  You'll miss many moves simply because you were busy and did not see what the robot did earlier.  This is aggravating at first, but then you'll find that it doesn't really matter if you see the robot's moves or not.  This brings us to the other major issue; the Remotes are not sensitive enough to distinguish between many of the moves.  You'll nail a move only to see the game count it as a miss, or simply flick the Remotes and credit for completing a complex move.  You can even just stand there flicking the control and you'll randomly hit and miss moves.

The entire game consists of one mode - looking at a bored-looking robot and imitating its moves - and that mode isn't really any fun.  The game is bland, boring, and repetitive, and not worth the blocks it eats up on your Wii's limited memory space.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 45%. Helix is yet another Wii game that equates exaggerated arm movements with gameplay.


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