Deca Sports Review

Deca Sports is an aptly named game because it gives you ten sports in the style of Wii Sports, minus the Miis.  With archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, curling, figure skating, kart racing, motocross, snowboarding, and soccer all crammed onto the disc, it seems like Deca Sports is a great bargain packed with games.  Unfortunately, 'seems' is the operative word here as Deco Sports goes for 0 for 10 in the fun department.

To start out, the game is a little odd in its presentation.  The games are sort of like the Olympics, but are barely tied together and the collection of games included is a strange mix.  There are an assortment of teams available with goofy names like the Disco Knights and the Average Joes, and each is supposedly rated in strength, size, and speed, but the only game in which that appears to matter is in curling - which oddly enough is the game which comes the closest to playing like the real sport it's based on.

All of the games have been stripped down to the most basic of controls, and yet none of them are implemented well or any fun to play.  Let's have a look at each one.

Archery: Pulling back on the remote to draw the bowstring is cool, too bad you need to aim with the remote pulled behind you using a fuzzy reticule that obscures the target.

Badminton and Beach Volleyball: You have no control over your players' positions.  All you do is flick the remote when it's time to volley.  Hits and misses are completely arbitrary.

Basketball and Soccer:  These team sports are dismal.  The AI is terrible and shots are completely random and horribly unreliable.  In basketball the players miss about 80% of their lay-ups and you'll see the AI airball shots several times in each game.

Curling: This shuffleboard on ice game could have been decent if you had consistent control over the power of your shots.  It doesn't matter where the power meter is when you flick the remote, your shot will be given some random power level every time.

Kart Racing and Motocross: Very basic, no frills racing.  Hold the remote sideways and turn to steer. Works OK, but wouldn't you rather be playing Mario Kart?

Figure Skating: Use the nunchuck to move between trick hotspots, flick the remote when a hotspot is reached and you automatically do a trick.  Purely an exercise in timing and the timing is easy.  It's about as much fun as it sounds.

Snowboarding: Point the remote down for speed, twist to turn.  The game warns you that tricks slow you down and you get no points for tricks.  enough said.

Deca Sports is not even worth your money for a rental.  You can play all the sports and grow bored with them within a half hour.  Small kids may have a little fun here, but only if they're too young to realize that the controls are pretty random.  Save yourself the time and frustration and go play outside instead.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 35%. Dreadful Sports would have been a more apt title for the game.