Don King Boxing Review

The Wii does only a few things better than the accuracy of a computer mouse and better than the smooth gameplay of the other consoles. Taking you off of your couch and putting you in gloves of a boxing myth is one such thing. Don King Boxing is the title to put on the Don-fro and get you into the ring, but just like a pay-per-view first round knockout, this title promises much and delivers only a little.

There is not a whole lot to this title. There are five bullet points on the back of the box:

  • Balance board compatibility
  • REAL locations and boxers you might know one of each
  • It's exercise, much like the 30 second clips of songs on iTunes
  • Dynamic story-mode
  • And the true selling point, multiplayer

Unlike most games, you can judge this title by the back of the box, there honestly is not much more left to the imagination.

Multiplayer takes that small step above what most experienced from Wii Sports that game you carry with all your other Wii titles and most likely have not played since first coming to terms with the fact that this console is called a "Wee." Where Wii Sports boxing mode was just flying the controls around faster than your opponent, this game sprinkles in a little bit more defense and more precise controls. The game is you and another boxer in a ring, with controls to move around as the camera is behind a transparent form of your boxer they at least got this much right. A tutorial from the story mode or profile option will brief you on all the controls in little time, though you may need to keep the names of the moves handy to complete it. The controls and motions are easy enough that anyone can pick up and play, while there are also enough combos and strategies to keep the attention of more serious boxers. Special attacks, used by holding C when you build up power, add a little spice to what would otherwise be a limited arsenal.