Chicken Shoot Review

If there is a poster game for publishersí rush to get games onto the Wii as quickly as possible itís Chicken Shoot. The game is a one-trick pony and that trick is pretty lame. Thereís so much thatís wrong with this game itís almost hard to decide where to start. Iíll give it a try, thoughÖ

Chicken Shoot is basically a point and click shooter in which the targets of your aggression are, you guessed it, chickens. Just why you are involved in the wholesale slaughter of cute little chickens is never explained but you must be playing some sort of borderline psychotic. The chickens donít pose any threat to you in the game so youíre killing them simply to see how many you can kill and how quickly you can do it. Some chickens are hanging out reading the paper or doing their laundry when you come along and put a bullet in their heads. Thereís even a chick whoís enjoying some music on his MP3 player who you can blow away for 10 points. The closest the chickens come to defending themselves is to toss an occasional egg in your direction. However, all the egg does is splat on the screen and obscure your vision for a few seconds. Can you blame them from trying to defend themselves? Kids playing this game learn two erroneous lessons: chickens can fly and shooting innocent creatures is supposed to be fun. The creepy vibe that you get from all this is made worse by an old guy that sits at the bottom of the screen and laughs which you kill a chicken. He particularly appreciates it when you use a machine gun to do your killing.

All of this aside, the game itself is just not much fun. It has the look and feel of a free Flash game on the Internet and will hold your interest for just as long. The controls are not implemented well as the aiming does not always work correctly and the screen scrolls pretty sluggishly. There are only three game modes, and the only difference between them is that the levels are timed in one case and require you to kill a set number of chickens in the other. The last mode is a mini game that would be horrendously boring even if the controls worked worth a darn. You play a farmer catching eggs that come rolling down ramps from four directions, but he responds so slowly to your commands (and sometimes not at all) that youíll inevitably fail the mini game pretty quickly.

Chicken Shoot doesnít have anything going for it that would make it remotely recommendable to anyone. Avoid it like you would a chicken carrying SARS.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 25%. Anyone forced to play Chicken Shoot for too long may find themselves wishing that someone would shoot them.


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