A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! Review

A Space Shooter For Two Bucks! The most literal title for a video game ever? Maybe, but literal title or no, Frima Studios has created one of the most entertaining PSP Minis since Who's That Flying? And as far as Minis go, that is the highest of praise.

A Space Shooter is EXACTLY the game it advertises itself to be, but believe it or not, it is so much more. Just getting to the space shooting is an adventure in and of itself. The game begins with a comic-style, hand-drawn setup that represents the first of many curveballs this clever title will toss your way. I can't and won't ruin the surprise, but just that small taste of storyline will be plenty enough to make you want to see the game through to the end.

Beyond the cute story, A Space Shooter is a simple, short shmup, or shoot em up, in the style of Galaga or any of the Japanese bullet hell shooters that have become increasingly popular on our shores. You pilot your small ship and blast away at waves of enemy fighters on your way to some larger than life boss encounters. There are plenty of power-ups scattered along the way, and they grant all the expected special shots and abilities. Chances are you've played a space shooter at some point and time, and this one won't surprise you with any new twists on the formula. But there's a reason these games keep getting made they're fun. And this one is no exception to that rule.

Two bucks. That's all you'll need to grab this PSP Mini, and it is worth every cent. It's got an interesting setup, the gameplay is time-tested and you'll get a couple of hours worth of fun out of it. Considering how much it costs to rent a video or go to the movies these days, the two dollar fee is a crazy good bargain. Most of us aren't sold on PSP Minis being all that great an idea, but if they keep putting out games like this one, the Minis are here to stay.

Final Rating: 90%.


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