Fortix Review

If you're familiar with a relatively obscure classic arcade game by the name of Qix, then you'll pretty much know what to expect from Fortix. Fortix adds a fantasy theme and nice graphics to the minimalist vector graphic original, but the core gameplay remains essentially the same. This gameplay works quite well for a portable game, and makes you wonder why Qix hasn't inspired more games like this before.

You could probably pick up the game and figure out how to play it in less time than it takes for you to read this, and certainly in less time than it took me to write it. However in the interest of completeness, here goes. Your goal is to capture a set percentage of the game's play area by encircling (or rather
"en-squaring" since you can only make right angle turns) sections of the screen with your knight. As you move your knight a line is drawn behind him, and when you close off an area it becomes captured. It's not so easy as simply running around the screen to your heart's content, though; there are various enemies and dangers to contend with as well. As long as your knight is moving along the edges of your captured areas he's safe, but when he ventures forth to draw a new line and capture a new section of the screen he becomes vulnerable. If he takes one hit from an enemy before capturing a new section, he's dead, the line he was drawing disappears, and you lose one of your limited number of lives. Dangers to the knight come in different forms. Among other things, at the center of each level sits a castle with gun towers that fire projectiles at your knight and dragons fly around the open areas. You're not entirely defenseless, though. If a dragon is within an area when you capture it, the dragon is eliminated. Also, there are catapults on the screen and when these are boxed into a captured area they will fire a shot at the castle and take out one of its cannons. Power-ups also occasionally appear on the screen, and boxing one in unleashes its effect such as temporarily freezing the dragons or giving your knight a speed boost.

That's about all there is to the gameplay, but like a lot of classic arcade games this is one of those simple games that somehow manages to be a lot of fun. Each level is essentially infinitely replayable, because the same level will never quite play out the same way twice. It also makes for a great portable game, as you can play through a level in a few minutes and easily come back later to play again. Fortix is recommendable to anyone who enjoys a good arcade-style challenge, even if you've never heard of Qix.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 80%. Qix goes medieval on your PSP.


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