UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

On the one hand, UFC Undisputed 2010 for the PSP is pretty impressive because it nearly replicates the console version of the game. On the other, UFC Undisputed 2010 has some issues because it nearly replicates the console version of the game. In taking the mixed martial arts fighter mobile, developer Yuke's opted to port the home game to the PSP rather than to create a version designed from the beginning for portable play. The result is a game that's a pretty good facsimile of the console game for those who are fans of it, but isnít the best-suited game for portable play.

The core tenant of the game remains the same as it did on consoles Ė to try and recreate the UFC experience from the fighterís perspective. The gameís centerpiece mode is its career mode, in which you create a fighter and try to take him from a no-name rookie to a league champion. Like in the real world, itís not a simple matter of showing up for a fight and winning. You have to train, and you have to train hard. Once youíve scheduled your next fight, the work begins. The gameís central screen is a calendar that shows you the number of weeks remaining until your fight and the current state of your fighterís strength and fitness. You can perform one training activity per week, some of which are interactive such as fighting a practice bout or learning new moves from a fighterís club, others arenít such as working out in a gym or taking a week off to rest. The trick is to balance the need to improve your fighterís ratings while not wearing him out so much that he can barely stand when the real event begins. And speaking of ratings, the game keeps an impressive number of them on your fighter, covering just about every fighting style and defense against it. Thereís a sim aspect to this game, and fighting to your fighterís strengths and your opponentsí weaknesses is critical to your success.

Of course ratings arenít everything, and youíll still need to win your fights for yourself. If you played the console version of the game then you already know that they had a complicated control scheme, and the PSP is missing a second nub and a couple of shoulder buttons. The game compensates for the lack of controls by adopting a more conventional control scheme. The face buttons control punches and kicks, with the shoulder triggers used as modifiers. It works well enough, but when the fight moves towards the grappling and martial arts styles it begins to feel a bit more like furious nub-twiddling and button pushing than it does tactical fighting.

Other modes include single bouts in which you can select your match-ups from a roster f UFC starts, recreate famous bouts from the past, or play against a friend with a copy of the game in AdHoc mode.

If youíre a big UFC fan and have to take the game with you, the game will suit its purpose. Its universal appeal will be limited as a portable game, though. The career mode could begin to feel like a grind on consoles, and it does even more so on the PSP, especially if you really use it as a portable and get your game time in in shorter bursts. You also lose just about all of the TV style presentation in the console versions that made your fights look like pay-per-view events. The complicated fight and grapple system is a bit too complex for the PSP to handle, and the UMD load times are ridiculously long. If you want to get your hands on UFC Undisputed 2010, make a console version your first choice.

Final Rating: 75%. UFC Undisputed 2010 doesn't make for the best portable game, but if you really liked the home edition you should check it out.


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