Luxor: Wrath of Set Review

Luxor: Wrath of Set is one of those puzzle games that is going to take a lot longer to explain than it would to learn the game just by picking it up, but I can hardly tell you to go out and buy the game so that you can see what it’s like so here goes…

Here come the marbles.
Each level of Luxor features a board with a winding groove cut into it. Strings of colored marbles enter the groove from the start and begin to make their way towards a pyramid set at the end of the groove. If the marbles make it to the pyramid you lose the game. So what can you do to stop them? You’re given a marble launcher that can move along the bottom of the screen and fire marbles straight up into the air. The goal is to fire marbles into the strings of marbles moving down the groove. When three or more consecutive marbles are of the same color, then marbles disappear and the gap in the line closes. If the newly adjacent marbles form a new group of three or more similarly colored marbles, then they’ll be eliminated as well and it is from these chain reactions that you’ll really rack up the points. When you eliminate marbles coins worth points and various power-ups such as “wild” marbles and lightning shots will drop towards the bottom of the screen for you to try and catch with your gun. When enough marbles have been eliminated the level is considered cleared.

The challenge in the game comes when the marble strings grow longer and move faster. Since the groove snakes around the board, it is entirely possible that the spot you’d like to place your next marble is blocked by the other end of the string. Also, as the marbles move faster it becomes more challenging to shoot the marbles into the correct spot and you may end up making your task more difficult for yourself. In addition to these physical challenges there is the intellectual one of working to set up long chain reaction combos. Careful placement of your marbles can lead you to the point where you can wipeout huge chunks of the string with a single shot.

Luxor is an enjoyable enough puzzle game that is well-suited to short gaming sessions while on the go. If you’ve never really been into this sort of game before, though, there is nothing in Luxor that will change your mind. You pretty much get a series of puzzles at three difficulty levels which is just fine for puzzle fans but is not enough to engage other gamers.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 72%. Puzzle fans will enjoy Luxor but its lack of variety limits its appeal to other gamers.


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