Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Review

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror places you in the role of Gabe Logan, an elite special operative working for one of those shadowy, super-secret international counter-terrorism so loved by games and action movies. A terrorist organization has begun attacking chemical plants and it soon becomes apparent that this is all part of a plan to build a super weapon. Of course they can’t be allowed to carry out their nefarious plan, and it is up to you to put an end to the terrorists.

Dark Mirror is a third-person shooter that is remarkable right from the beginning for the simple fact that it has an excellent control scheme. Yes, a shooter that works despite the PSP’s handicap of having only one analog stick control. In Dark Mirror, the stick controls your movement while the face buttons are used to change your, well, facing. It will take a little getting used to, but once you do it works well. The d-pad is used to initiate actions such as opening doors, dropping into a crouch, and to select your weapon or special gadget. The left trigger can be used to target lock enemies allowing you to move while shooting with relative ease. The game also has a cover system that works quite well. Approach a wall or obstruction and you’ll switch to cover mode with your back against the wall. You can then lean around corners to get a look at the action without exposing yourself to enemy fire. You can also use the target lock to select an enemy target, and then lean around the corner, take your shots, and then duck back under cover.

You are an elite operative in Dark Mirror, so as you’d expect you have access to wide variety of weapons and gadgets. Of particular note is your sniper rifle, which you can load with several different special rounds in addition to your standard bullets. Explosive darts can take out a group of enemies with a single shot, or you can opt for the poison gas dart if you need to take them out silently. The electro darts stick in your target until you flick a switch to send a jolt of electricity into your victim – another way to silently take down a terrorist. Gadgets include a number of different goggles to enhance your vision. The standard night vision and infrared goggles are included, and you also get one that can be used to detect switches or other interactive items in the area.


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