NFL Street 2 Unleashed Review

The PSP has launched with a football game in its library, but it’s not a Madden game. Instead we have NFL Street 2 Unleashed, EA’s brash and over the top version of tackle pick-up football.

There are a variety of modes of play in the game, but the football basics remain the same. Playing with seven man teams, each team has four downs to advance the ball to the first down line or score a touchdown. Yardage markers don’t figure into the equation as there are only a couple of first down lines on the field and the distance measured to those lines is either “short” or “long”. There’s no punting, field goals, or kicking of any kind – the emphasis is entirely on scoring touchdowns. There’s not even a game clock with most games going to the first team to reach a set score.

Further setting the game apart from your typical football game is that it pays to win with style. Pressing the left trigger in combination with the face buttons will cause the player with the ball to execute some in-your-face taunts, show-off moves, and other such nails in the coffin of American sportsmanship The more style moves you pull off, the more style points you get, eventually filling a meter and enabling your team’s Gamebreaker status. Pushing the Gamebreaker button before a play pumps up your team’s stats to the point where the opposing team will have very little chance to do anything right for the next few plays. On defense you’ll find it easy to register huge sacks and cause fumbles while on offense your ball carriers will be nigh impossible to bring down and your receivers will always seem to be open. Resist the temptation to use the Gamebreaker button and you can double fill the meter enabling the Gamebreaker 2 mode. Unleash a Gamebreaker 2 and the game will switch to an animated cutscene of your team pulling off an unbelievably outlandish play that will almost always result in a touchdown for your team.