Infected Review

Zombies. You gotta hate them. All that shuffling around and groaning. And just what is it with the whole brain-eating fascination anyway? They also have a tendency to show up uninvited and unannounced and make a tremendous mess of things like they’re the ex-girlfriends of the underworld or something. Now they’ve popped up in New York City, just as the good people of Gotham are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. What’s worse is that they are spreading their infection everywhere, turning thousands of upstanding citizens into slobbering zombies. What kind of infection kills you and then brings you back to life as a zombie? What is making them run amuck in the streets of New York? Just where did they come from in the first place? Why are you asking all of these questions??? It’s a flippin’ zombie game! Zombies eat brains, you kill zombies. It works for Dawn of the Dead and it works for Infected, so stop asking questions and let’s see if this game is any fun.

Zombie parts get everywhere.
In Infected you’re not just your average zombie killing Joe. You’re an NYPD officer who is not only immune to the infection, but whose very blood causes zombies to splatter into a shower of organs. Armed with a special gun designed to shoot your plasma at zombies, you must clear them off of the streets while avoiding alcohol for at least 24 hours after your last zombie kill. OK, I made that last part up but it sounded good. Anyway, most of the zombies are a little too strong to meet their maker for the second time when hit with your blood. You’ll have to soften them up a bit first with heavy weaponry from rifles to rocket launchers. The zombies will start out with a yellow glow about them and once you damage them enough this will change to red. Red glowing zombies are ripe for plumping, so it just takes one hit from your blood gun to break them into five million easy pieces. To really score some points and clear out the zombies faster, you can weaken two or more nearby zombies to the red zone and then score a combo kill by destroying them all in a protoplasmic explosion with a single shot.

Control in the game is pretty simple – one button for your conventional weapon, one for your blood gun. The right trigger lets you lock onto zombies allowing you to circle strafe to your heart’s content. You can use the d-pad to quickly pull a 180, which is pretty useful as the zombies love to come at you from both sides.