Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Review

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Both Monster Hunter Stories 1 and 2 were recently re-released. The original Monster Hunter Stories was only available on 3DS, Android, and IOS but now it is available for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Steam. Monster Hunter Stories 2 was released for Nintendo Switch and it is now available for PS5 and Steam. Overall, the second game is nearly the same as it was on Switch for the most part. Both games are traditional Japanese RPGS unlike their bigger brother the Monster Hunter series. The sequel brings in a lot of new additions to the gameplay and feels quite familiar to the original game, which is great, since the original game is fantastic!

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

You can check out my review of the Switch version of Monster Hunter Stories 2 here on The Gamers’ Temple for a full rundown on the majority of the game. Since that review, I have played the first game so I can compare it more to that one. The sequel’s main improvement is in its gameplay. The game allows you to switch weapons during combat now. You have to switch weapons at times when dealing with certain enemy defense, such as a rock on an enemy that forces you to change to a large hammer to break it. You can also have more than one party member in your group this time. Having an extra partner also brings along an extra monstie to your party. You also don’t have to put all your items in a bag to where you have limited item usage during a battle in this sequel – all items can be chosen from the menu during battle.

After playing the first game, it is noticeable that the characters seem more lively and full of charm in the first game when compared to the sequel. The characters in the sequel are still really good, but I just favor the original game’s characters. With the sequel now being on PS5 and Steam, it is highly noticeable that the game doesn’t have slowdown during town sequences. The Switch version struggled to maintain a consistent framerate while in towns, but the PS5 version has no problem with slowdown in those areas. If you missed out on Monster Hunter Stories 2 for Switch, definitely give this game a try on PS5 or Steam. You can’t go wrong with either the first game or its sequel. Both games are just as good as the other one and have their highs and lows. For me, both of them come out as being equally good. It’s hard to recommend one over the other.

The Good:
+ Many different varieties of Monsties to find
+ Better overall gameplay than the first game (more options)
+ Interesting story
+ Great visuals

The Bad:
- The characters don’t shine as much in the sequel as they did in the first game

Final Rating: 80% - Monster Hunter Stories 2 has finally been released outside of Switch, so go out and enjoy!


Note: A review code for this game was provided by the publisher.