Randall Review

Randall, the hero for which the game is named, awakens in a jail cell with no recollection of how he got there. In fact, he can't recall anything, including who he is. His alter ego seems to be more aware of what's going on, though, and tells him how to escape the prison, reminds him of the powers he possesses, and directs him to free his city from the grips of the evil corporation that is controlling it. Randall's alter ego serves several roles here, tutorial, narrator, and comic relief, and if it were handled better it might have actually all worked. Unfortunately, poor writing and comic misfires make the whole mechanic rather tiresome as the game wears on, and there's not enough depth to the story as a whole to keep you engaged. Regrettably, the same thing applies to the gameplay as well.

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The game itself is a side-scroller that mixes platform and 2D brawler gameplay elements, both of which are awkward and frustrating. The platforming features a lot of sections that require rapid transitions to avoid obstacles underfoot and overhead, but the controls fail to give you the tools that you need to navigate these obstacles with consistency and precision. First, the controls are simply awkward, utilizing a propriety scheme that requires simultaneously pressing a couple of buttons to perform some of the maneuvers. Making matters worse, the controls are imprecise and sloppy leading to countless frustrating deaths. It's simply not fun to have to replay the same stretch of a level over and over again hoping that the game will finally let you through at random. This isn't one of those games that pushes your platform skills, but rather one that punishes them.

The brawling aspect of the game doesn't fare much better. When it's time for battle, the game will lock the screen and you'll need to eliminate a few waves of attacking enemies before you'll be able to move on. Enemies will converge on you from both sides requiring you to use a push back move to build a little separation between them so that you can concentrate on one of them at a time. Like the platform controls, this move doesn't work with the consistency that it needs to, so you'll often take a cheap shot because you failed to push an enemy out of the way. You'll be briefly stunned when you take a hit, so failing to separate enemies will sometimes lock you out as you take a succession of hits from the front and behind. Likewise, the various attack moves at your disposal don't land with the consistency that you would like then to in a brawler. When thinking about the fights in the game, the word "annoying" comes to mind long before "fun".

Randall is more frustrating than it is anything else, and doesn't offer anything that makes up for subjecting you to that frustration. There are too many better games out there to waste your time and money on Randall.

Final Rating: 35% - A great game if you're looking for frustration instead of fun.


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