God Eater: Resurrection Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Online Co-op (2-4), Download Content

God Eater: Resurrection is a remake of God Eater: Burst that was released on PSP a few years back. Resurrection is an action rpg that has been released on PS4, PS Vita and Windows recently in North America. The game offers mission-based single play or cooperative play with up to 3 other players online. From the start, you get to make your own custom character that will serve as the main character of the story. The game allows players to customize the hair style, hair color, skin color, face, clothing, and voice of your main character.

The story to the game revolves around warriors known as "God Eaters" that hunt down monstrous creatures known as "Aragami". All God Eaters have a weapon known as a "God Arc" that that can be transformed into a melee weapon or a gun. The story is told through animated cutscenes and text with English voiced dialogue. The English dialogue is quite good and it seems to really match each character. The overall game is heavily anime inspired and falls in line with the anime and light novels for God Eater.

Once your main character is created, you'll need to accept missions from your headquarters in order to team up with other god eaters to fight Aragami. Each battle stage takes place in a huge 3-D arena. You and your team will need to hunt down a specific target and defeat it. You'll sometimes have other lesser Aragami that will be in the arena as well. The creature design in Resurrection is quite good. You'll face off against some very monstrous creatures that are way bigger than your Aragami and all of them have different weak points that you'll need to target in order to take more damage from them. Most enemies have some sort of elemental weakness as well. You'll start to see battle damage on creatures as they are weakened. All players have the ability to sprint, dodge and jump by consuming stamina that regenerates over time.

God Eater: Resurrection screenshot 3

You can change your primary melee weapon by choosing a different weapon before going into battle - great sword, spear, scythe, etc. Preparing for a battle is the key to making the battle go much smoother and you'll really need to pay attention to the hints given to you or remember the weaknesses of specific enemy types from other missions in the game when you go up against them in a future mission. Each melee weapon has a different feel to it that you'll need to get adjusted to after switching. The square button is your light attack and the triangle button is your heavy attack. You can make your god arc devour enemies and gain useful items from the devour attacks. The god arc can be transformed into a shield to guard against enemy attack that you don't have time to dodge.

The god arc can also be transformed into a gun weapon that you can equip before each battle. The gun weapon is most useful for when enemies start to run from your team - you can shoot an escaping enemy to slow it down and possibly stun it. When you go to use the gun, you'll be able to shoot it directly forward or you can aim with it for precision shots. Different types of ammo can be assigned to two different buttons and the ammo types are elemental so if an enemy is weak to a specific element, you can exploit that and spam that certain type of elemental ammo. The gun weapon takes a specific amount of Oracle Points (OP) from a gauge in order to fire and that gauge can be replenished over time by attacking enemies.

There is a burst mode that your character can go into where you'll get an increase in speed, strength and energy regeneration. There is a link burst where your partners can fire bullets at your character to create an artificial burst mode as well. If you ever die, a teammate can revive your character using a "Link Aid" in which that character will sacrifice part of their HP in order to revive your character. Watching out for your teammates becomes an issue as you get into the higher difficulty fights. There is a list of consumable items that can be brought up during each fight where you can choose to restore your HP or perform a variety of other effects with the items that you have. Consumables can be replenished from a shop in between battles using money earned from a battle. All items and other gear can be stored in a storage or kept on hand. In between battles, you can use your AP to buy different "Personal Abilities" for your teammates. Teammates can learn new skills that will grant your entire team bonus attributes during battles or give extra upgrade points after a battle.

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The enemy AI puts up a good fight and later on manages to make you consider finding their weaknesses or finding an elemental type that they are weak against. One major problem I found with Resurrection is the overall repetition in the missions throughout the game. You have story, urgent and bonus missions to choose from but they all feel around the same. You'll go into battle and have to hunt down a certain creature on the arena map and you'll only have a few other enemies in the arena that will distract you along with items sprinkled here and there to pick up. The entire mission structure started to wear on me by the time I got up to the second level of story missions. The overall melee combat started to feel clunky as well regardless of the melee weapon that I used.

God Eater: Resurrection will appeal to a certain type of audience for its overall customization of your character and your teammates along with your team's teamwork throughout the battles, but for someone like me, the game feels very repetitive and needs more variety in its missions. I did find myself getting slightly involved in the game early on, but it really started to wear on me when all battles started to feel the same only with a different type of enemy. The game actually has a quality feel to it, especially in terms of voice acting, soundtrack and the overall graphics, and I can see a lot of potential in the game, but the gameplay really needs more variety in mission structure and combat.

The Good:
+ Variety of weapons and customizations
+ Good voice acting and overall sound
+ Unique creature design

The Bad:
- Mission structure gets repetitive
- Melee combat feels clunky

Final Rating: 65% - A repetitive action-RPG with a heavy focus on clunky arena-based monster combat.


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