Oxenfree puts you into the role of Alex, a teenage girl who along with her new stepbrother joins three friends on an overnight trip to a small local tourist island. The island has become virtually forgotten by tourists, though, and since it is also the offseason the teens have the island to themselves. When they decide to investigate a local legend about a nearby cave things take a turn towards the strange, and their attention quickly changes from partying with friends to reuniting their scattered group and getting off of the island.

Oxenfree feels more like an interactive indie film than it does a game. The majority of the gameplay comes in the form of selecting conversational options, and the game's few puzzles use the same mechanic. You'll spend a lot of time traversing the island back and forth simply to give the characters time to engage in conversation. And a significant portion of those conversations are focused on the characters' interpersonal relationships rather than the island's mysteries. Those of you who are looking for more 'game' in your games than story will more than likely dislike Oxenfree and might even find yourself hating the game. You certainly won't want to spend the time to finish the game.