Capcom Arcade Cabinet Review

Player(s): 1-2
Extra Features: Local co-op play, Online co-op play, Leaderboards

This first part of Capcom Arcade Cabinet is a compilation of three old-school Capcom arcade games. These games are part of a much bigger collection due out in the months ahead. This first collection costs 400 points on the Xbox LIVE marketplace and $4.99 on the Sony PS Store. The first version of this collection is a compilation of three games that was released in arcades in 1987. The collection includes Avengers, 1943 and Black Tiger.

Avengers is an overhead vertically scrolling beat'em up action game. The game takes place in Paradise City where a man by the name of Geshita has captured six girls and the heroes of the game (Ryu and Ko) must battle through waves of enemies in six stages and save the girls. Players can punch and kick through waves of enemies. Enemies literally cling on to the character and damage the player while they are close - they have to be shaken off. The game is quite hard from the start and only offers a few lives before having to continue from a checkpoint. Compared to the rest of the collection, this game doesn't hold up as well.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet screenshot 1

1943 is a vertical scrolling shooter that takes place during World War II. You play as an American airplane that has been sent in to destroy Japanese forces after they have bombed your aircraft carrier. Many types of power-ups can be gained throughout each stage to boost your guns' power. The game has many boss fights throughout its 16 stages that are both challenging and fun. 1943 still holds up as one of the best shooters of today and it's still just as addicting.

Black Tiger is much like Magic Sword if you have ever played it. Black Tiger is a side-scrolling platformer with many RPG elements. The main character can upgrade his weapons and armor by collecting power-ups and by visiting shops. The main character can rescue captive civilians and gain items from them. The game is slightly similar to Ghost 'n Goblins with its overall difficulty and the fact that the main character loses his armor after being hit. The game is actually the spiritual successor to Ghost 'n Goblins. Black Tiger is still quite fun to play if you can handle its difficulty.

All of the games in this collection have been redone in high definition and they all have bonus extras with them. Extra artwork can be unlocked by performing certain tasks in each game. All games have a casual mode that is set on an easier difficulty than the usual game and allows a player to start with some extra power-ups. For instance, in 1943, you will start the game with two smaller airplanes to have more firepower for your main airplane. The games also have online co-op play and local co-op play for each game that allows for more than one player.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet screenshot 9

Your enjoyment of this collection of games really depends on how big of a fan of each game you are. The games play quite old-school, but there is a casual mode for each game that can help a player to see much more of the game than they would have seen while playing it normally. Unlockables such as trophies and achievements cannot be unlocked in casual mode however. This is quite a nice collection for its cheap asking price, but if you already own these on another Capcom collection, the extra artwork, HD graphics, replay options and online multiplayer might not be enough to consider a repurchase.

The Good:
+ Casual mode with an overall easier difficulty
+ Many gallery unlockables for each game
+ Online multiplayer for each game that has co-op play

The Bad:
- Your interest in this will depend on how much of a fan of these games you are

Final Rating: 75%. Capcom Arcade Cabinet is just a part of a much bigger collection of old school goodness that can be fun for nostalgia's sake.


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