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Remember Me is an action-adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Capcom. The game takes place in the year of 2084 in a futuristic version of Paris called "Neo-Paris". The game starts off with you taking the role of Nilin, who is about to have her memory completely erased in a fortress controlled by a group called Memorize - an organization that maintains surveillance over the population's memories through implants on the back of their necks known as "SenSen". A man known as Edge helps Nilin to break out of the fortress and recruits her to help him fight against the Memorize organization with her gift to steal and remix another person's memories. Along the way Nilin tries to regain controls of her stolen memories and find out who she truly is.

The story of Remember Me is really great if you're in the mood for an original story with great character development for the lead character. It focuses on Nilin for the most part, but it delves really deep into her character and the interactions she has with those around her. The gameplay of Remember Me is mixed between a variety of brawling, platforming, shooting, sneaking and puzzle solving. The majority of the game is brawling, but it does have a fine blend of all other elements mixed in along the way. The brawler gameplay is much like the free flow combat system that you will find in a Batman Arkham Aslyum and City game.

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Nilin can perform attacks by tapping either a punch or kick button and she can string together combos by tapping them in sequence. Her combos must all be customized from the combo lab menu. Nilin starts out with a three-hit combo then a player is able to unlock longer strings of combos as Nilin levels up after defeating more enemies. She will also unlock new types of attacks as she levels up. Her attacks have different properties depending on the category they are listed under. Nilin has access to attacks (pressens) that allow her to damage enemies more (damage), regenerate some health per attack (regen), allow her super powers to cool down quicker per hit (cooldown) or duplicate and double the effects of previous attacks (chain). This makes combo customization very important and adds much strategy to the way you place each attack in a combo since some attacks are much better for certain enemy types.

Damage attacks can knock bigger enemies out of a guard stance and focus attacks will allow Nilin to perform her S-pressen attacks faster since they reduce the cooldown of her Super Power. S-pressens are basically super moves that Nilin will gain as she advances through the game. These moves are often needed for specific enemy types. One S-pressen allows Nilin to take off more damage for an extended period of time with all her normal attacks, one of them allows her to turn invisible and sneak up behind an enemy to perform a stealth kill and another will allow her to reprogram a robot enemy to attack other enemies. She has other S-pressens with different powers as well. Each S-pressen has its own cooldown period that it must go through before it can be used again, but that time can be decreased with the use of cooldown combo attacks. Focus meter is needed to use each S-pressens and focus can be saved up in bars depending on how many focus bars that Nilin currently has. She can gain more bars by finding more hidden power-ups in the environment - same with health upgrades.

Other than the combo customization and the super moves, if you're familiar with the free style combat from the Batman Arkham games, you'll take right off in the combat for Remember Me. Nilin will often be surrounded by enemies and you'll have to avoid their attacks by flipping over them when they attack and then continue a combo from behind them. A red exclamation signifies when each enemy is about to attack. Remember Me has no counter move like a Batman game, but it really doesn't need one once you get the hang of dodging since Nilin can continue a combo right after the dodge. Later in the game, the majority of the combat is used only to build up focus and S-pressen cooldown in order to finish off enemies with super moves for the most part. Combat can get quite addicting once Nilin unlocks many of her moves. Early on, she is quite limited, but it does get better.

Along with the combat, Nilin will have plenty of platforming and stealth segments. The platforming is much like what you would find in Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider - shimmying along ledges and jumping across gaps to catch a ledge. The stealth portion is mainly sneaking by probes to avoid detection of their lights representing their field of views. There are areas where Remembranes are activated that will show a hologram of a past event that can help a player to solve a puzzle or sneak by a certain area without getting noticed. There is one part where Nilin has to use a Remembrane projection to sneak through a minefield and she must follow along with the hologram. Remembranes can also help to solve other puzzles. There are also a few shooter segments where Nilin can use her spammer gun to shoot robots - her spammer is the only way to damage robots and there are some mini-boss robots that she must face off against.

The most unique puzzles in the game are the remix sequences where Nilin must remix a person's memories. These segments are literal cutscene puzzles where a player has control over a cutscene. A memory is shown in its true form then you must rotate the left analog to rewind or fast-forward the memory and look for glitches in the memory. The screen will distort at certain points while rewinding or fast forwarding and you can stop at those times and interact with certain objects in order to change events in the memory. Besides altering the memory to the way the main story objective should go, there are also alternate scenes that can be activated through certain alterations. It's hard to describe these without spoilers, so I won't go into heavy detail. Let's just say, instead of a total disaster, you can have a temporary happy end to a memory, but the main objective wants a disaster, so you must go back and restructure the memory for a tragedy. The memory remix segments are very unique and add easily the most unique part of Remember Me. They add a sort of "what if" story element and are fun to play around with.

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Remember Me's graphics are fantastic. There is SUCH a heavy amount of detail in each stage's background. This is some of the most background detail I have seen in a current generation game. Practically every background object has several shades of color on it instead of a simple coating. The lighting effects are incredible during some areas such as one part when Nilin is in a sewer and sunlight shines through the ceiling gratings along the street above. Neo-Paris is completely brought to life with holograms and androids walking around like normal people. I truly got the feeling that I was in the future while playing this game. The main characters are all detailed rather well and even characters of little importance that you find on benches along the street even have great detail on their models as well. The look of this game is fantastic and I often found myself stopping to admire the backgrounds while playing very often. The only flaw with the game's backgrounds is that there is very little interaction with them for the most part.

There is a constant voice announcement being played in many environments in the game that give life to city of Neo-Paris. Advertisements for Memorize and news announcements that deal with trying to find the fugitive Nilin play very often throughout the game's stages. There are several areas where a person or object or something will run ahead of Nilin and close a door or window or just rush ahead of Nilin and duck out of sight before she reaches a certain area - such as while climbing up a ledge. The game is filled with moments like this that give you a sense that you're in a real world. The game's music is a mix of techno and large-scale epic tracks. The voice acting is top notch and the voices fit each character perfect. For the English track, many characters have a slight British sound to their voice.

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Remember Me tells a personal and meaningful tale of a young woman's struggle to regain her identity and figure out who she is. The game does a great job at putting the player in a front row seat for the tale all the way through. The game clocks in at around 8-10 hours on your first time through and it's really a great experience. Once Remember Me is finished, there are no extra modes, but the game does have an extra difficulty (besides easy and normal) or it can be replayed to find the collectibles hidden in the story. The main game is very linear for the most part, outside of a few areas that you can enter in order to find collectibles. The story, the memory remixes the variety gameplay make for a very enjoyable experience on the first time through but once the game is over with, there isn't much else to offer for a replay. Overall though, Remember Me is a great experience if you value a great story mixed with variety gameplay.

The Good:
+ Highly detailed environments
+ Fun remixing segments
+ Overall good story

The Bad:
- No extra modes outside of the main story

Final Rating: 82%. Remember Me offers some exciting action variety gameplay along with a great story. All puns aside, it is a very memorable game if you're interested in playing it for the overall experience and story.


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