Saints Row: The Third - GenkiBowl VII Review

Professor Genki, the cat-headed game show host everyone loves, was one of my personal favorites from last year's excellent Saints Row: The Third. The bit Tim and Eric from TV's Adult Swim did with the catman's program remains a YouTube favorite, so it was great to see the first bit of substantial DLC feature the character's show once again. Unfortunately, there isn't much meat in the professor's new mission pack, and those without a season pass for the game may want to hold off for now.

What is in the pack is a mixed bag. The set up is another Professor Genki-sponsored set of games, and some are better than others. For example, one mission has the player rolling a giant ball of yarn through the city streets, shooting for a pre-set dollar level of damage. Another arms the player with a shotgun and places them in a maze-like jungle environment. The goal comes from gaining a certain number of points (kills) before time runs out. Both are fun, but should sound familiar to those who have completed the main game; in a lot of ways, they are. But that doesn't make them any less entertaining. What kept me going forward was the slew of new collectibles included (outfits, a Genkimobile, etc.) and my need to keep a 100 percent game save file, but if that isn't you, this short set of goals may not be enough.

Saints Row: The Third - GenkiBowl VII screenshot 1

Aside from the extremely short length of the mission pack, I've only got one complaint: the difficulty spikes. The first cell phone mission you'll get in the pack is the aforementioned jungle game show shoot out, and it is HARD. it took me nearly 15 tries to finally get it right. Conversely, the next mission has you escorting Professor Genki around town, running down pedestrians to keep him happy. This mission is almost too easy to be fun. The missions' lack of challenge continuity bleeds into the story as well; there isn't one. Just a few new missions. It's a shame to see such a great character given such a rushed treatment.

Even with the bad, I still ate up every second of Genki Bowl VII. I was a huge Saints Row: The Third fan when it came out last year, and I've been waiting for what seems like forever for this promised DLC. The story and difficulty are all over the place, and there isn't really more than an hour or three of gameplay here, but for fans, it's enough of a taste to keep us wanting more.

Final Rating: 70%. Casual fans may want or wait for another, more substantial pack to come down the pike, but for me, this was just the thing to brighten a dreary afternoon.


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