Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

Player(s): 1 - 2
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Download Content

When it comes to updates and re-releases the Street Fighter series is Capcom's number one series to add to. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is the third update for Street Fighter IV. Arcade Edition is available in a retail version on both consoles for the price of $39.99 or as a separate download on the Xbox LIVE marketplace and PS Store for 1200 points ($14.99). Overall, the Arcade Editon update is much more minor than last year's Super Street Fighter IV.

Arcade Edition adds the following:
- 4 New characters and balance changes to existing characters
- Elite Channel and My Channel Advanced for the Replay Channel
- Battle status info and current title displays around the life bar
- Follow function and Replay from rankings for Rankings
- New titles, new icons and new trophies

The four new characters are the main attraction overall. Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu and Oni have been added to the existing character roster from Super Street Fighter IV to give a player a total of 39 characters to choose from now. Yang and Yun are much like their Street Fighter III: Third Strike personas. They both still play differently overall with only a few shared moves.

Oni is the inhuman form that Akuma takes after being fully consumed by the Satsui no Hado. He is quite flashy and still retains much of the usual shoto moves (fireball and uppercut). Evil Ryu is the dark version of Ryu as he starts his path down the Satsui no Hado that Akuma walked before him. Evil Ryu has just about the same style as Akuma overall (fireball, uppercut, teleport, etc.)

A player can choose between the usual replay channels - Originals, Random, Newcomers, Alpha, Turbo & III, Boss - that were in Super Street Fighter IV, but this time a player can choose to view only the replay of top rank players through the replay channel's new "Elite" option. By pressing square (or X on Xbox), you can cycle back and forth between normal channels and elite channels. Elite channels only show replays of players with a high player point total.

There is a new "Follow" option that allows you to look through the leaderboards and follow a player. The game will notify you as new replays from that player become available while the player is still followed. Other minor additions have added such as viewing replays from Rankings, new titles and icons for your profile and 10 new trophies for Arcade Edition. All of the modes that were established in Super Street Fighter IV are in tact.

From the options menu, a player can switch between Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition versions of the game. There are slight gameplay tweaks that were made to Arcade Editions, so the versions are slightly different. For instance, Abel's second ultra has a longer startup animation and it takes off less damage in Arcade Edition when compared to SSFIV.

Besides the four new characters, the overall additions to Arcade Edition are more for hardcore fans that heavily enjoy Street Fighter IV. The four new characters lack variety compared to Super Street Fighter IV's 10 new characters and the overall mode changes only add a bit of variety to what was established in SSFIV.

Arcade Edition is easily one of the best online fighters out there. For a competitive player, the options available to you for bettering yourself are fantastic! You can literally study a fighter through replays and follow top rank players to boost your own skill with a certain fighter. If you already have Super Street Fighter IV, it would be best to just download the Arcade Edition on either of the online services based on which platform you have. For a Street Fighter fan that hasn't played Super Street Fighter IV, Arcade Edition is the ultimate version of Street Fighter IV, so it is definitely the one to buy!

The Good:
+ 4 new characters
+ New elite replay channel

The Bad:
- The 4 new characters lack variety overall
- Overall there is not that much new here

Final Rating: 80%. Arcade Edition adds more variety to an already near perfect 2-D fighter, but there is really not enough added here for the less hardcore fighting game fans out there.


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