Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 Review

By Jason Nimer

Gamers know well the feeling of simultaneously drowning in summer heat (I was just outside; the air is like dog breath) and not having anything new to play. During this time, gamers tend to more carefully scan store shelves, looking for some forgotten gem, some game they passed over in favor of bigger name titles. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 has the distinct advantage, in this environment, of being both new and, at face level, appealing to a large segment of the gaming population. Itís got robots, itís got tens of thousands of other robots to slice up and itís online! How could it be anything but great? Well, reader, donít be fooled. Underneath an admittedly extremely exciting coat of paint, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is nothing more than yet another shallow, boring Dynasty Warriors clone that only the hardest of the hardcore will ever see through to the end.

If you havenít played a Dynasty Warriors game before, Iíll take the time to explain things. Players take control of one of a handful of ancient Chinese warlords and wage war, across massive battlefields and against innumerable masses. Sounds fun, right? The thing with these games is that the first five minutes is nearly identical to the entire rest of the game. Players charge into a group of enemies, mash buttons to string out combos, vanquish said enemies and move on to the next set. Some Dynasty Warriors games have given players bosses to fight or armies to control, but it all boils to exactly what I laid out above. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 replaces historical figures with the giant-sized battling robots from the Japanese anime everyone seems to k now all about these days, but the formula remains the same: find enemies, smash enemies, find more enemies. New players might find a few hours of fun here, but old vets will more than likely be bored before the first handful of battles are won.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 screenshot 10

The boring gameplay is even more disappointing when you look at the work that went into the rest of the game. The Gundam license is used very nicely here, with an enormous roster of the robots from over the years, and a handful a fan-favorite Gundams have been thrown in as well. The presentation is above average, and especially impressive when it comes to framerate and objects on screen. The game never skips a beat despite having as many as 10-15 Gundam battling at once in the foreground, with the rest of the battlefield raging right along in the background. Even the controls are spot-on. The game provides a short tutorial, but the control scheme will be instantly recognizable to nearly any third person game fan. But none of this will matter once youíve begun to get bored with the same old, same old gameplay. And that is going to happen. Fast.

So, fellow gamers, I know how you feel. Itís hot outside, and you feel like if you play any more Monster Hunter you may lose your mind (that last part might just be me). But if you go to the store looking, hoping for the overlooked title that will shorten these long, hot days, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 isnít it. Anyone who has played this type of game before will be instantly bored, and even newcomers will quickly look elsewhere to fill their gaming guts. Iíd tell you to go outside and play, but seriously, itís just too hot.

Final Rating: 45%.


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