Blood Drive Review

Vampires may rule TV and movies these days, but games are under the domination of zombies. Either the undead are really popular with gamers or developers find it particularly easy to program zombie AI. Blood Drive hopes for the former while taking advantage of the latter in combining vehicular demolition derby style combat with the mass killing of zombies. The concept is one of those things that are just crazy enough to work if done right, but unfortunately Blood Drive doesn't.

There's no setup to the game or story behind it, so you just need to accept things the way that they are and go with it. Over the top, borderline psychotic costumed drivers man Whacky Races style cars armed with guns and missiles and race around arenas shooting at each other. Oh, and there are zombies running around everywhere. If that seems like an afterthought, it's because in this game so are the zombies. It's as if at some point during the game's development it was decided that the game was a little too boring and that perhaps it could be livened up with a bunch of zombies tossed in. After all, zombies are popular, right?

The problem here is that the zombies don't really add anything to the game. There are literally mobs of them limping around the arenas so you'll plow through scores of them without much effort and they don't do much other than give you something to drive over. There are a couple of special zombie types that do more to attack you then simply turning themselves into speed bumps, but they're pretty easy to shake off and kill so they don't present much of a threat. And it's just odd to be racing around a vehicular combat arena filled with hundreds of zombies. I don't think you really need much story to go with a game like this, but at least put more effort into it than a line on the back of the box that states that "this is the entertainment sport for a twisted new age," and even that comes off as a cheap way to invoke thoughts of Twisted Metal.

There are a few different game types from simply trying to destroy the competition or killing as many zombies as possible to slightly more complicated modes such as checkpoint races. In all modes the tracks are littered with power-ups that add temporary weapons to your vehicle, repair your damage, or provide temporary boosts. Games feel pretty much the same no matter what mode you're in, though. You're racing around with your finger stuck on the fire button trying to ram into other cars while zombies fly over the hood of your car. The power-ups aren't particularly memorable, or powerful for that matter, and don't really add much to the game. The arenas are too large for the number of cars in the game and you waste too much time trying just to converge so that you can actually battle another racer. The different cars handle slightly differently, but all share the characteristic of loose steering, a decided detriment in a game in which you must try to hit moving objects. I could go on, but I feel like I'm simply listing the myriad problems with the game that make it thoroughly mundane and not much fun to play. And what about multiplayer? I couldn't tell you I was never able to find anyone else online to play against.

Final Rating: 45%. Just be patient and wait for Twisted Metal.


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