Dead Space 2 Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer (4-8 players), Leaderboards

The original Dead Space offered some great action gameplay and an atmosphere that was completely fitting for a horror game. The game used the Resident Evil 4 style gameplay and blended it with new ideas and some real fluid controls. The original Dead Space was EA's first attempt at an action horror and it really impressed me a great deal. Dead Space 2 continues to impress me just as much and improves upon what was already near perfect to me in the original Dead Space.

The story of Dead Space 2 takes place three years after the events in the first game - the events involving the USG Ishimura where Isaac first encountered the necromorphs aboard the planet-cracking vessel. In Dead Space 2, Isaac awakens from a coma while aboard the Sprawl, a giant metropolis that orbits Saturn. It doesn't take long for things to start going wrong again and before you know it, Isaac is in another fight for his life against the necromorph menace.

Dead Space 2 has one very eye-catching opening sequence and the action stays constant throughout the whole game after the first necromorph appears. Dead Space 2 constantly leaves a player with a feeling of uneasiness throughout its horrific environments. You can literally be walking down a hallway then have something go wrong to where Isaac is thrusts out into space and has to find his way back aboard the ship. In a nutshell, Dead Space 2 has some of the best atmosphere that I have seen in a horror game for quite a while (since Siren: Blood Curse).

The game places the player in the role of Isaac Clarke once again. Isaac can acquire all of his weapons and items from the first game as he ventures through the Sprawl. Once again the focus of Dead Space is on strategic dismemberment of your enemies - heavily damage an enemy by cutting off its leg or arms to kill it faster. Isaac will acquire the plasma cutter very early in the game and he will have access to all returning weapons from the original as well as a few new weapons.

For new weapons, Issac can gain access to a Javelin Gun, a Seeker Rifle, and a Detonator. The Javelin gun shoots out a bolt that will impale an enemy. Isaac can use the Javelin gun's alt-fire to shock an impaled enemy. The Seeker Rifle fires out a single beam of energy that can precisely hit any mid or long range targets. Its alt-fire is a zoom for more precise long distance shots. The Detonator fires out mines that will stick to whatever surface they are fired at. The mines have lasers on them will cause the mine to explode if any enemy steps through the lasers. The alt-fire for the Detonator will deactivate the mine once is placed.

A few of Isaac's returning weapons have new attacks as well. The pulse rifle has a much better alt-fire this time where it will fire out a big blast much like a shotgun instead of the scatter blast that it has in the original Dead Space. Isaac will eventually find a stasis and kinesis module as he progresses. These items are used much in the same way as in the original Dead Space. Stasis is still used to slow enemies down and kinesis can be used to lift objects or enemies.