Comet Crash Review

I've lost count of the number of tower defense games I've played and reviewed over the past year, and, good or bad, they were all pretty much the same on a basic level. It's like everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon but no one wants to rock the boat. A year from now it will probably be hard for me to remember the difference between one tower game or another, but the one I will remember will be Comet Crash. It's the first tower defense game that I've played that actually tries to do something with the basic formula, and the game, and the genre as a whole, are better for it.

The monkey wrench that the game has tossed into the well-worn tower defense machine is a relatively simple one, the kind of simple change that makes you wonder why it hasn't been done before. Rather than being a purely defensive exercise, Comet Crash gives you the opportunity to go on the offensive. Your attackers don't just appear on-screen from a mysterious source there's an enemy base generating them. You need to do more than survive a set number of attack waves; you need to take out the attackers at the source, and to beat a level you need to take out the enemy base before it destroys yours.

The game's levels will look familiar to anyone who's played a tower defense game before. You have a base at the end of a maze-like path and can place various types of defensive towers along the route to your base. Like in all tower defense games there are various types of towers that act autonomously once placed, are upgradeable, and have their own set of strengths and weaknesses against different types of attackers. However, in this game your enemy can place towers as well, and enemy towers will attack each other as readily as they attack tanks and other mobile enemies headed for their base. There are some unique tower types to the game as well such as gates that let your units through while blocking the enemy's, and the all-important production towers that generate units and deploy them to your base, ready for you to command to attack the enemy's base.

Another interesting twist to Comet Crash is that you don't place your towers with a simple cursor. Towers are deployed by a spaceship under your control that you have to fly to a spot before you can drop a tower there. And since your ship is an active participant in the battle it's vulnerable to enemy tower fire just like any other unit in the game. Placing forward towers is a risky proposition since you'll have to expose yourself to enemy fire to do so. If you lose your ship it's not the end of the game, but you'll lose valuable time before a new one is available at your base.