Astro Tripper Review

Astro Tripper is a side-scrolling shooter that's a bit of a throwback to the kind of shooter that puts you in a spaceship and throws a large number of enemies at you that litter the screen with deadly weapons fire. However, Astro Tripper throws in a couple of changes that add to the challenge. The first is that the levels take place on a platform, and falling off the edge results in instant death. The second is that you're limited to two weapons and only one of them can be selected at a time. The first weapon fires a single beam in a forward direction, and to hit enemies behind you you'll need to hit a button to flip your ship 180 degrees. The second fires a spread of energized shots, but they are fired at an angle and won't hit enemies directly in front of you. Again, this weapon is only forward-firing and you'll need to flip your facing to hit enemies behind you. If you've ever played the game Defender, it has the same sort of feel to it in that you're confined to a horizontal playing area and need to flip directions to hit enemies on either side of you.

Astro Tripper is a bit on the difficult side, so I can't recommend it to the more casual gamer or someone entirely new to the genre. This difficulty includes an element of frustration due to the fact that if you die you must restart the current level from the beginning all over again. If you do enjoy this kind of game, then Astro Tripper is a decent enough diversion, but I can't really say it ever really got me all that excited. It's not a particularly long game either, so expect to get a few hours out of it and after that it's doubtful you'll feel compelled to return to it again.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 70%. It's a downloadable shooter ... and there you have it.


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