X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a surprising game. Surprising in that it's a game based on a movie that's not flat-out awful. It's not a great game, suffering from the typical repetitive gameplay that plagues action games of this nature, but it's certainly not terrible and can downright fun in stretches. Wolverine fans will simply love the chance to tear into countless enemies with those adamantium claws and those who loved the movie will be happy with the chance to play through the film's story. The rest of you? Well, let's see if this game's of interest to you...

The game's story sticks pretty much to the movie's, so you start out working for Stryker before events very soon lead you to pursue your own agenda of revenge. As is usually the case with these games, familiarity with the movie is a big help in understanding what's going on story-wise and conversely it's assumed that you do. While there is some extra back story in the game to help round-out the movie/game experience, narrative is not the game's strong point.

What is that strong point is a brutally honest representation of what it would be like to go at a horde of bad guys with a set of adamantium claws, and let me tell you, it's not pretty. The game is, shall I say, a very visceral experience, with buckets of blood and plenty of severed limbs. And when you want to give those claws a rest, you can use various pointy things in the environment to impale your enemies. There's even a point in the game where you give a guy his final haircut with the aid of a helicopter's blades. While this is all cool stuff to the major gamer, parents need to be cautioned that this is not the Saturday morning cartoon version of Wolverine.

All of this damage is done with the aid of light and heavy attack buttons that can be strung together into combos, but don't necessarily have to be. You can do plenty of damage with the basic attacks, and when used in concert with the block button are just fine for taking out a majority of the enemies you face. There are also some special moves at your disposal, including a whirling claw attack that's useful when you're surrounded by enemies and a lethal lunge attack. The lunge attack is pretty cool you line up a distant enemy and then go flying through the air claws first. It's a lethal attack and also a good way to cross a gap or chasm at the cost of an enemy's life, a check that Wolverine is quite happy to cash. As if all of this wasn't enough, with a little skull in timing you can grab a nearby enemy and perform a one-hit kill. There are not your run of the mill one hit kills, either. Each one leads to a slow-mo sequence in which your poor victim is sliced and taken apart in a manner that would turn Sweeny Todd a little green.