Guitar Hero Metallica Review

Metallica is the second band to get the spotlight for their own Guitar Hero game, and this time out the result is a far better experience. While Guitar Hero Metallica does have an advantage over Guitar Hero Aerosmith in that it was released after Guitar Hero World Tour, so it supports drums and vocals in addition to guitar and bass, but there's more to it than that. A big factor is that Metallica's music is simply more fun to play than Aerosmith's, and with some of the obscure titles appearing in the Aerosmith game it felt like it was a struggle filling a game with their music. With Metallica, it was probably a lot more of a struggle deciding which tracks to leave out. Musical catalog quality aside, GH Metallica has a number of things going for it that make it a good game, and a fantastic game for fans of the band.

It's apparent that a lot of effort went towards making the game more than just Guitar Hero with a collection of Metallica songs. First of all, extensive motion-capture work has been used to capture the style and mannerisms of the band. The onscreen characters aren't simply the same characters used in Guitar Hero but with Metallica skins. Also, more animation work has been done on the band members than on the characters appearing in previous Guitar Hero games. The result is characters that are less stilted and move with more natural motions than in previous games. There's even a special feature available in the game that will let you check out the band during its mo-cap session. This is just one of the extras available in the game for fans of the band. Other features include concert footage and a cool trivia mode available for some of the tracks that will let you watch the virtual band perform the song in concert while trivia about the track is displayed on the screen.

Guitar Hero Metallica presents the track in a manner similar to that of the Guitar Hero games before World Tour. Tracks are grouped into tiers, and completing a tier unlocks the next tier and its set of tracks. In prior Guitar Hero games it was necessary to beat most or all of the tracks in a tier to progress, but this time out you just need to meet a required number of stars to move on (your performance on a song is rated from one to five stars). This is a better system than in previous games, because you can stick to your favorites for most of the first play-through and it's less likely that a song you're having a little trouble with will prevent you from progressing.