PAIN Movie Studio Review

PAIN's Abusement Park expansion showed some promise for PAIN fans. With the release of that expansion it appeared that we were in store for ever more interactive and crowded environments into which to launch the game's hapless victims. With the release of the Movie Studio expansion, though, any hope for the series has come crashing down harder than any piece of scenery in the game ever has.

The disappointment begins before you even play the game. After taking the time to download and extract the game, the first thing that you get to do after launching the game is to download a required patch. The amazing thing is that this is a 210MB patch. I've only seen patches of this size when MMORPG's are rolling out a major upgrade or expansion. How could such a small game with so little to it require such a massive patch? This mystery only deepens when you finally reach the point at which you actually start playing the game because the Movie Studio is the least interactive environment yet. In fact, it's mostly empty space. It's impossible to set off any kind of chain reaction of destruction because there's not that much to hit. The two interesting additions to the game: multiple launch locations and tanks that can be triggered to fire their weapons are completely neutered by the chronic lack of interaction provided by this level. You'll play through it for five or ten minutes, see pretty much all there is to see, and then grow bored with the whole thing. Adding insult to injury, none of the ongoing issues with the game such as a too tightly zoomed camera on your victim have been addressed. Movie Studio should be a free download, being forced to pay for it is downright painful.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 50%. Take a pass on this lackluster studio tour.


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